Issue by Issue – Hercules Unbound #12

Hercules Unbound #12Writer – Cary Bates
Artist – Walt Simonson

Hercules Unbound comes to an end with this issue and it does so in grand fashion. Cary Bates and Walt Simonson wrap up his long journey with revelations, some sadness and ultimately a little peace and happiness. The previous issue revealed the existence of the Anti-Gods, feared by the Gods of Olympus, the corruption and last stand of Kevin – friend to all and a boy who deserved better and the death of Jennifer. It is almost more than Hercules can bear and yet he must, for he is soon whisked away to Olympus where his father Zeus awaits to tell him the truth behind everything from the moment he was freed from the rock and all the times before. At first Hercules is glad to be with his family, but then once he learns of what the gods did, of the way they separated the bad from themselves to create the Anti-Gods and how they needed a lock for the prison and what better lock then the world’s mightiest mortal, it is a betrayal that runs deep. Hercules is angry, incredibly so and more than he may have ever been. Just when he decides to abandon the gods to their fate, the Anti-Gods attack and their might is ferocious. As the gods battle their opposites, Hercules sees a chance to fix everything and while it will not alter the mistakes of the past, he cannot simply stand by and let the world come to harm. The action is exceptional courtesy of Simonson and he pulls no punches in this last issue. Hercules is a man to be feared when he is riled up and you would want to be on his good side when it comes to a fight as the Anti-Gods soon come to know. It is a little sad about the losses that were incurred, especially when it came to Kevin who had been a part of this series since its inception, but no matter the writer, the one thing that this title did that few others would was encompass tragedy, thereby making it quite unique. Thankfully, as the series wrapped up, Bates managed to give Hercules the happy ending he had been ultimately looking for ever since he escaped his shackles and it found him reunited with Basil and someone he thought he had lost not too long ago. From start to finish, Hercules Unbound was a great series with astounding action, great characterization and fantastic adventures – this issue included.

5 out of 5

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    • At twelve issues, it’s short, but quite fantastic. if you don’t mind black and white comics pick up the trade paperback called (Showcase Presents) The Great Disaster featuring the Atomic Knights. It reprints the Hercules series and a ton of material before and after it for quite a decent price.

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