Big Brother Season 18 Week 8 – Double Eviction Madness

Every year on Big Brother, I get my hopes up that this will be the year that the girls will rise up and work together throughout the game and every year those hopes are dashed almost immediately. The guys seem to have no problem working together and making it to the end, but the girls? They end up turning on each other almost every time. And even when they don’t outright turn on each other, relationships between women in this game just seem to fall apart. I find it so frustrating that they just can’t keep it together and that they just let the boys pick them off one by one.

This season is no different. Some all-female relationships lasted longer this year than in previous seasons and for a few days I had hope for an all-female alliance, especially with the creation of the Fatal 5 and the fact that the first three evicted house guests were dudes. But as always, things fell apart. The members of the Fatal 5 were really only fatal to themselves as paranoia started brewing and before long, the girls were at odds with each other just like they are every year. They let boys come between them. They constantly believe the worst about each other. I think it’s so sad that these girls can’t cooperate to get ahead in the game, letting themselves be picked off while the guys grow stronger and stronger.

We pick up where we left off on Thursday, with the house guests just starting the HoH challenge, which required them to ride around on a little platform on a rope that swung them around and smacked them into a giant “U Suck” sign. Zakiyah and Michelle, both supremely pissed about being left out of the plan to boot Da’Vonne out the door, are determined to win this challenge. But alas, it’s not in the cards for these two. This challenge is not for the faint of stomach and after spinning around about a million times, Michelle pukes all over the place and then eventually falls off her platform. Zakiyah doesn’t last much longer, but what really pisses her off is the fact that Paulie drops off his platform immediately after she does. Yes, Z, he really did wait until you lost before letting go. You weren’t imagining things.

After a couple of hours, all that remain are Natalie and Victor, and neither seems to be willing to give up the letter from their mom. But, there’s only so much spinning a person can do and so eventually, Natalie gives in to Victor with the promise that he won’t nominate her. So, after being voted out of the house 9-1 (as he won’t let us forget), Victor is the HoH!

Michelle is a mess, and she lashes out at everyone who comes near her because she’s so upset about being left out of the loop. Zakiyah on the other hand, is a lot calmer and collected which is why she’s the bigger threat. Michelle, while an emotional loose cannon, can be much more easily swayed than can Zakiyah.  She wears all her emotions on her sleeve, so it’s not difficult to tell what she’s thinking.  In fact, you never have to wonder what she’s thinking because she’ll just tell you.  James and Nicole both try to talk to her after the eviction and try to explain to her why they couldn’t let her in on the plan to get rid of Da’ and all she can do is whine and complain and cry.  And cry.  And cry.  When Victor nominates Michelle and Zakiyah for eviction, he tells her straight out that she picked the wrong time to piss people off which just sends her into another tailspin. Now, I can understand being upset – Victor’s speech was a little mean. But he has a point. “What did I do to piss him off,” she wails.  Nothing specifically, Michelle.  But people get really uncomfortable around crying people and when you cry all the time, it starts to get old.  Feeling hurt about being left out is one thing, but bitching to everyone about it and trying to make them feel bad about it is not a great game move.

Now most of the guys in the Executive, which is the alliance of all five remaining guys, want to evict Zakiyah, but of course, Paulie wants Michelle out, partially because Zakiyah is his (temperamental) woman and partially because Michelle has now started to call him out for his game.  And he doesn’t take it well when Paul and Victor disagree with him.  Up until this point, I was sure that Paulie had this game in the bag Derrick-style, but now I’m not so sure.  He’s showing a bit of his arrogance now, not backing down when the others tell him they want Z out over Michelle.  He’d gotten his way with evicting Da’Vonne, so when he starts to get a little bit insolent when the other guys disagree with him, Paul gets pissed off.  To make matters worse for Paulie, Bridgette tells Paul that Paulie had told her once that the only person he trusted in the house was Corey.  Now, I’m not sure how long ago this was said, so maybe it was said before PP got really close, but that doesn’t really seem to matter.  Paul is pissed.  As far as he’s concerned, the friendship is over.

The veto competition is one of my favourites – where the house guests have to hide their veto card somewhere in the house and then everyone tears the house apart to find them all.  The last person to have their veto found wins the game.  This week we’ve got Victor, Michelle, Zakiyah, Nicole, Paulie (Z’s choice) and James, which is fantastic.  I love James and I love how much he loves this game.  We can expect the house to be completely trashed with him in the game.  So they all hide their vetoes while James dumps some cereal on the floor as he’s hiding his and then they all take turns trying to find everyone else’s.  These guys must be bad at hide and seek because it takes them four and a half hours to find five of the six vetoes, but in the end, once the place is truly trashed (with even the eggs all smashed on the floor courtesy of James), it’s Paulie that’s hidden his veto the best.  Zakiyah thinks that he’s going to use the veto on her and Michelle tells her that he won’t.  Michelle is right.  After convincing Zakiyah that she’s safe and that Michelle is the target, he tells the house that he’s not going to use the veto.

The other thing to keep in mind this week is that James won America’s Care Package, which means he gets to nullify two votes.  This isn’t something he’s super excited about, because it’s a lot of pressure, as is evident when Paulie goes to him to try to convince him to nullify Paul’s vote so that they can keep Zakiyah and get rid of Michelle.  He’s not the only one trying to appeal to James though. Michelle throws her hat into the ring with Bridgette’s support and together they fill in James and Natalie and later Paul, on how Paulie is running the house and will burn it to the ground.  So a plan is created.  James will nullify Paul and Corey’s votes, and Nicole will vote out Michelle to throw Paulie off the scent and then the remaining three people (Bridgette, James and Natalie) will vote out Zakiyah.  And it works.  In the first eviction of the night, Z is sent packing, off to do the most boring Big Brother interview ever.

But that’s not all folks!  It’s double eviction week, so we’ve got another round of nominations, a veto, and an eviction to go!  The new HoH competition is an intellectual comp and somehow Corey ends up winning.  I’m going to guess that it was a lucky shot, since he’s definitely not the smartest house guest and it shows.  The whole point of double eviction week is to shake up the house, but all he can do is beg his fellow executives to tell him who to nominate. This would be a perfect chance to get rid of one of the boys, since they’re going to have to turn on each other at some point, but predictably he nominates Michelle and Bridgette, which I definitely don’t mind because Michelle is getting on my last nerve and I really want her to go home.

The veto challenge is the tried and true double eviction challenge, where the house guests have to find three clocks in the ball pit one at a time in order to collect the veto.  The girls including Nicole, do well at first, but it’s Corey that pulls off the win and he keeps his nominations the same.  Bridgette calls out Paulie in her save me speech, but it’s Michelle who really goes off the deep end.  I suppose she figures she’s done because she totally drag’s Nicole’s name through the mud, calling her a snake and mentioning some deal she tried to make with her.  I’m not really sure what Nicole has done to deserve this because as far as I can remember, she hasn’t done anything remotely snake-like, especially not since Frank left, but maybe Michelle knows something I don’t.  I always think it’s funny when house guests go down in a blaze of glory – except that’s not what happens this time around.  Inexplicably, everyone except for Natalie votes to keep Michelle IN the game sending Bridgette out the door.  What just happened?  Even Nicole votes to keep Michelle.  I’m sure we’ll get a better explanation on Sunday, but for now we’re just left with the house guests explaining to a bawling Michelle that Bridgette was blowing up people’s games so she had to go.  I can’t wait to see how Michelle works her way out of that exit speech.  She’d better hope that Nicole doesn’t become HoH this week because I don’t think she’ll be able to backpedal from that disaster.

As for the future of this game, I now have no idea who is going to win this thing.  If the boys can put differences behind them, they’ll take it all the way to the end, but that’s going to be difficult with showmances on the go.  If one of the boys wins HoH this week, Michelle will be one nomination, but then who will be the second?  The only girls left are Natalie and Nicole, so nominating them will piss off one of the boys. But the only other option would be to nominate one of the executives.  All-male alliances generally last longer than all-female ones or mixed ones, but I don’t see this one lasting the week.  First of all, they’ve got to deal with the fact that Paulie didn’t get his way in sending Michelle out the door over Zakiyah and secondly, someone is going to be pissed about this week’s nominations.  Who goes up on the block will really demonstrate who the head of the company is and who the junior associates are.  I can’t wait to find out.

What did you guys think of this double eviction week?  Were you pleased or disappointed by the results?  Or maybe a little bit of both?  Who do you think will take it all?  Let me know in the comments below and we’ll see you next week!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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