Issue by Issue – Hercules Unbound #11

Hercules Unbound #11Writer – Cary Bates
Artist – Walt Simonson
Colours – Jerry Serpe

Two things of immediate note happen in this issue upon the very first page, one being the fact that Hercules is now wearing armour and the second being that it features the now familiar look of Walt Simonson on artwork. It is this style that everyone has come to know and love, or at the very least an early version of it, where the previous issues featured a more generic, yet no less dynamic style of the day. The story also finds our hero still with the Atomic Knights and things that started off like everything was normal soon turn sour as Kevin’s new-found powers start to go crazy and he seemingly becomes a different person who is actively trying to harm everyone. The Atomic Knights are soon taken care of and ejected from the plane as they are flying and it is not long after that Jennifer and Basil find themselves in the same predicament. For all intents and purposes, Kevin is absent from his own body for the person who is actively trying to kill Hercules and his friends is unknown to them. Why they cannot fathom and it boggles the mind to see Kevin do as such, the least of which is wondering just how it is that he suddenly got such a power increase. That answer does eventually become known in quite the shocking finale as an old foe returns to plague them once again. Enough cannot be said about Simonson’s pencils. It gives the book an entirely new look and while it is quite the departure from previous issues, it is a good one as it injects some life into the series and sets it apart from other books of the time that found themselves in the same genre. For his part, Cary Bates writes another zinger of a chapter, one filled with a ton of suspense, more action than you can shake a stick at and a good dose of mystery. You do end up wondering just how many more things Kevin is able to do after seeing him go all out the way he did. By the end of this book, all that is left is to see just what will happen to Kevin and what Hercules will do.

4 out of 5

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