Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Goldroom: Verano Mix 2016

Goldroom’s Verano Mix 2016 is the perfect summer listen with a great variety of tracks and genres that blend seamlessly to keep you playing it over and over.  From his own compositions to remixes of other artists, the man knows a good sound when he hears it and this set is a great example of his talents.


Goldroom – Lost In Indio
Arpyem ft. Jessica Main – A Place For Me (AK Remix)
Notize – Meadow Run
Janet Jackson – No Sleeep (Goldroom Remix Vocal Snip)
Studio Paradiso – Ohana
The Twelves – Algernon
Vallis Alps – Young (Zimmer Remix)
Leon Sweet – Show You (Ron Basejam Mix)
CHVRCHES – Leave A Trace (Goldroom Remix)
Les Gordon – Atlas (Roisto Remix)
Wild & Free – Low Pressure
Fred Falke – It’s a Memory (Oliver Remix)
Japanese Wallpaper – Arrival (Tontario Remix)
Anoraak – Figure
Joshua Collins – To The End (Cyclist Remix)
EONS – Red Planet (Air Zaïre Remix)
Gigamesh – Control (feat Caroline Smith)
cosmonaut grechko – Luv
Cassian – Running (Plastic Plates Remix)
Nvoy – You Are
Mark Barrott – Cirrus & Cumulus
Tourist – For Sarah

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