Issue by Issue – Hercules Unbound #10

Hercules Unbound #10Writer – Cary Bates
Artist – Walt Simonson
Inker – Bob Layton

Hercules, Kevin and Jennifer, having just buried their friend David Riggs, are beside themselves with grief and yet it only lasts momentarily as they find themselves in the midst of an explosion of water. From there, new writer Cary Bates takes our heroes on an adventure, one that introduces some new characters, Kevin’s new powers and a new land to explore. The story concerns the Great Lakes, bordered by both Canada and the United States and how they have disappeared to be replaced by small blocks of highly compressed water by an evil villain. Each block weighs numerous tons and Hercules and his companions are sent over to investigate the cause of such phenomena and to warn people not to tamper with them as they could cause an extremely volatile reaction. It is at this point where we get to see Kevin come fully into his powers, abilities that were unknown before but now explain the mystery behind the way he was able to see and yet not, after he lost his sight during World War III. Bates also brings in The Atomic Knights, a group of men who had previously come together to protect those in this post-apocalyptic age using weaponry and arms from the past and whatever tech they can gather from the future. It is a perfect union of the two properties as they both inhabit this same world and they find themselves unified behind a common cause. There are some truly amazing visuals in this book courtesy of Walt Simonson and Bob Layton, most of them taking place when Hercules meets the Knights. The image of these armoured figures riding giant Dalmatians of all things makes for extremely good science-fiction and is a picture you will not soon forget. There is some good action within and though the ending is a little abrupt, it leaves it open for our heroes to finish their mission in the next issue. Bates might be new to the title, but he started it off with a bang which is the way all ‘first’ issues should be.

4.5 out of 5

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