Big Brother Season 18 Week 7 – Your Boys are in the House

bbweek7There comes a point in the game when having played before really doesn’t matter.  In the beginning, the newbies had one of two reactions to the vets coming back into the game – some were in awe of them and were determined to work with the vets and others saw them as a threat and were determined to get rid of them.  Category two has more or less been eradicated, either because the house guest went home or more typically, the stigma of being a vet has worn off.  The vets may have logged more days in the house than the newbies but by now, most of the house guests know how to play the game, though some definitely play better than others.  Now when a vet gets voted out, it’s not because they’re a vet, it’s because the house genuinely wants them gone no matter how many days they’ve played in the past.

Recently, a vet has been the target for at least two weeks now.  Frank was booted last week and this week, Da’Vonne is the one everyone wants to be rid of.  Unfortunately for her, going home is a real possibility.  At the HoH challenge, Paulie throws the competition, a few house guests are spectacularly bad at playing, and Paul walked away with the title with the intention of booting the Cabbage Patch Kid herself – Bridgette.  Not everyone wants to see her go, and I don’t blame them.  Without Frank, she’s pretty much a useless floater, not good for much of anything other than to be a number in someone’s camp. She might as well be Victoria at the moment.  The way some people see it, there are much bigger fish to fry and this week Paulie sets his sights on Da’.  Again, I don’t blame him.  Voting out Bridgette really won’t change any dynamic in the house as she is so useless and Da’ has been stirring up trouble everywhere she’s gone and that scares Paulie a little.  She’s completely distrustful of everyone in the house and she’s a little paranoid from time to time and not afraid to share that paranoia.  She makes at least half the house uncomfortable with her attitude and nosy personality and so the reason why Paulie wants her gone.  Paul isn’t really on board since he really wants to evict Bridgette for some reason, but he’s willing to play along. He just needs a pawn to go up against Bridgette and if one of them comes down off the block, he’ll put Da’ up in their place.

The problem of course, is that no one wants to volunteer to be a pawn.  Why would anyone (besides Johnny Mac) volunteer?  Everyone knows that pawns go home.  Look at what happened to Bronte.  So to Paul’s surprise and frustration, no one opts to go up on the block.  Da’Vonne even sort of throws everyone under the bus when she points out that the person going up should be someone who hasn’t been on the block before and it’s a good strategy – pointing out who has been pulling their weight and who hasn’t and as an added bonus, it makes Nicole feel guilty enough to step up to the plate.  This makes Da’ happy since she wants Nicole out of the game like yesterday.  Ever since last week’s HoH challenge when Frank spilled the beans about Nicole spilling Da’s secrets to him, Da’ has been after Nicole.  So when Nicole offers to be the pawn, Da’ rejoices.  This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of her.  Unfortunately for her, Nicole has second thoughts about being the pawn almost immediately and when she shares those thoughts with Paulie and Paul, Paulie steps up and offers to be the pawn instead.  Da’ is pissed when the nominations are read and Paulie is up on the block instead of Nicole.  Her plan is ruined!

She’s not out yet though as she’s still got some campaigning to do and who is the first person she goes to?  Bridgette which really makes no sense since she has zero power and she’s on the block to boot.  What could she possibly do to help send Nicole home instead, when she’s not even on the block?  I don’t know, but it doesn’t stop her from trying anyway.  She might as well have saved her breath though because Bridgette isn’t buying a single word.  Da’ was instrumental in getting Frank evicted last week and Bridgette isn’t about to forget that.  I think the fact that Da’Vonne doesn’t seem to understand this explains a lot about her.  If it had been the other way around and someone had ousted her best friend in the house, she’d never have forgiven that person.  Da’ also throws out Nicole’s name to PP (otherwise known as Paul and Paulie) and Paulie immediately relays that information to Nicole and Corey, which makes them even more on board to get rid of her.

The veto is a rehash of last year in which the house guests have to race across the back yard and try not to be the last one there.  But they can’t race until the word `go’ appears on the monitor, and if they take their hands off the buzzers in a false start, they’re eliminated from the challenge.  Of course, Corey false starts almost immediately, so he’s out.  After that, there’s no one who can beat Paulie.  He’s just that much faster than anyone else, so it’s not even really a competition,   He takes himself off the block and Paul nominates Da’ to take his place after telling her that he’s doing it because he wants someone he trusts and someone who won’t freak out about being nominated.  It’s utter crap of course and she doesn’t believe him for a second.  She knows something is up, despite the fact that Paul keeps telling her she’s safe.

Of course, she’s evicted, and she’s got a one way ticket to the jury house.  Well, she made it longer than last year!  I’m so glad she’s gone.  Her attitude was driving me nuts, so it’ll be nice not have to deal with that anymore, though I’m sure someone else will step into the annoying shoes.  Nicole, Natalie, I’m looking at you.

The HoH competition is another repeat from last year, in which the house guests have to stand on a little platforms hanging from rope as the whole contraption rotates.  At one or two spots, they’re bombarded with giant text message/billboard looking things that make them spin around as they rotate.  By the time we left the house guests, no one had fallen off their platform yet, so I have the feeling we’re in for a long, drawn out experience on Sunday.

At this point, I think Paulie has got it in the bag.  Paul’s doing well because he aligned himself with Paulie, but I think his big mouth could get him into trouble sometimes.  Also, he was pretty aggressive this week with his nominations. I think it’s great that he knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to try to get it, but it may end up backfiring on him if it rubs enough people the wrong way.  Paulie’s playing a great game though and I don’t think anyone in the house realizes just how influential he is.  I fully believe he’ll be the one to walk away with all the money.

Interesting bits:

Paul and Paulie will henceforth be referred to as “Twinsies” or PP, as they have proven to essentially be the same person.

Nat wins the first America’s Care Package which means she’ll never have to eat slop again.  I was surprised to see her name pop up as she’s sort of a Victoria too.  I’m guessing, since each house guest can only win once, viewers didn’t want to waste this package on a player that actually mattered.

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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