Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol. 2 #2

Doctor Strange Vol. 2 #2Writer – Steve Englehart
Artist – Frank Brunner
Inker – Dick Giordano
Colours – Frank Brunner
Letters – John Costanza

Silver Dagger opens the second issue of Doctor Strange by taunting Clea over the death of her loved one. The man soon discovers that Stephen is indeed alive though and within the Orb of Agamotto, the Eye having been stolen by Silver Dagger earlier. Sending Strange on his tour through unreality is Steve Englehart and Frank Brunner and it is a mindbending trip as things are not exactly as they seem. Most everything is backwards and memories are noticeably affected with the dangers present being ever too real. The greatest threat that Stephen finds comes from a Soul-Eater that is intent on devouring him for here in this place, he is the only one who is technically alive. As such, though he meets up with other beings who just so happen to look like his friends, he has no recollection of who they are or they of him and he realizes that the only person that he can really trust in this place is himself. Englehart makes things as tough as he possibly can for the Sorcerer Supreme, for even though Stephen seems to be all right, he is still near-death thanks to Silver Dagger, even in this place. If Stephen cannot find a way out, there is a very good chance that he will die within the Orb away from everyone and everything he loves. One thing that is discovered is that the Orb has raked Stephen’s memories for those familiar to him to give his surroundings a bit of sense. It is a good thing as well, for it seems that any amount of time in this place would drive anyone mad. As such, there are some guest stars present in the form of the Defenders which include the Hulk, Valkyrie, Namor and the Silver Surfer. Additionally, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, the Black Panther and Nick Fury also put in an appearance though none of them do very much. So while Stephen still needs to escape, he must also find a way of defeating Silver Dagger who is currently menacing Clea and he not only seems like an evil sort of man, but a creepy one as well. You have to feel bad for Clea as her situation seems hopeless, but you also have to know that somehow, someway, she will be freed. With a strong story from Englehart and exceptional pencils from Brunner, they make this series well worth reading.

4 out of 5

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