Saturday Soundtracks – Phantasm

Phantasm was not only a masterpiece of horror for introducing the Tall Man, it also featured a very macabre soundtrack by Fred Myrow and Malcolm Seagrave that brought added depth and suspense to an already eventful film.  It is an eclectic listen and yet one that is very compelling as it makes use of many different instruments, but most especially the organ to incredible effect.  The main title theme is of course quite fantastic, but it is only the opening salvo to a score filled with creepy and ghoulish sequences.  You can imagine the Tall Man coming for you with his spheres spinning about him as you listen to this and that is where most of the magic comes from.  The movie might have provided those very iconic images, but the music helped to cement it in your mind.  The weakest of the bunch is arguably Silver Sphere Disco – a piece that seems quite out of sorts with the rest of the album but quite a lot of fun all on its own while providing a break from the doom and gloom.  There are not a lot of scores that can make you immediately think of a film when listening to them long after the picture is finished.  With Phantasm, it is the opposite and it is like welcoming a warm memory back, though one filled with nightmare more than anything else.  Phantasm is a wonderful film for those that enjoy the darker side of celluloid and its soundtrack is just as good and just as menacing.


Main Title (3:55)
Welcome to Morningside / Hand in Box (2:41)
Mineshaft Chase (2:53)
Phantasmagoria / Silver Sphere Disco (3:16)
Hearse Inferno
Cemetery Spectres (0:56)
Spacegate to Infinity (1:08)
Jody at Morningside / Just a Dream? (3:03)
Phantasm Atmosphere (1:11)
The Tall Man on Main Street (1:35)
Funeral Organ / Dwarf in Hearse (1:45)
Under the Car (2:21)
Mike on the Road (1:02)
Hearse Chase (1:11)
Overturned Ice Cream Truck (2:18)
End of the Game (1:13)
Or is it? (Outtakes) (3:28)

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  1. I always think of the main theme with Phantasm, but the rest of the score is kind of weird and unsettling too. The sequels had interesting scores based on the strength of the main theme, but nothing touched the heights of the first one for me.

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