Watch Village of the Damned Instead! – Devil Times Five (1974)

Devil Times Five 1
There are movies that are called terrible but are somewhat redeeming, films that are terrible and are truly deserved of the title and then there are pictures committed to celluloid like this one – Devil Times Five or Peopletoys or The Horrible House on the Hill or Tantrums or whatever you want to call it. Frankly, the more names a movie has, the more likely that it is going to be a fairly atrocious ordeal and this was indeed that. With any other film, any one of those titles promises a grand affair, at least for the horror aficionado and yet the reality was the exact opposite. Devil Times Five 11It does begin all right, but it soon goes off the rails as the writer, directors and producers had no idea what to do with it and/or lost complete control of it all.

As it is, the story concerns a group of children who survive a bus crash and make their way down into a small village where a number of people happen to be on vacation. It is a bad thing for them as these particular children are crazy little maniacs who start to kill off said vacationers one by one.  A sadistic little bunch if ever there were one.

Devil Times Five 10There is not much that can be said about this film other than just how awful it is. Some might want to check this out as it features an early appearance by Leif Garrett, but even that does not save this movie from being the travesty it is. There are script problems, the direction is poor, the acting is sad, there is a murder sequence shown in slow motion that feels like it dragged on for an hour where it only lasted for minutes and some extremely questionable editing that just turned it all into a complete mess.  The only thing that may keep you watching is curiosity and even then, it tries your patience so much that you nearly want to turn it off multiple times.

Watching this film is not worth your time. Skip it and watch anything else.

1 out of 5
Devil Times Five 2

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