Big Brother Season 18 Week 5 – Crazy or Conniving?

bbweek5I think we can all agree that we love the hell out of Big Brother. We wouldn’t watch it if we didn’t love it, or happen to be dating/living with/married to someone who does love the show. But even with our favourite shows, some seasons are just better than others and what determines a great season depends on what you like about the show. If you like the conflict between the house guests, then you want a cast full of volatile people who flip out over the tiniest things. If you like the eye candy, then you root for the beautiful people no matter how moronic they can be. If you like watching a master player play, well, first there’s got to be a master player in the house, and then you watch with fascination as they play everyone else like a fiddle.

I’m not sure yet whether or not this is a great season so far. We’ve got some truly beautiful people taking up residence to feast our eyes on. The conflict is great and entertaining to watch, but it’s almost too much drama. Thanks to Da’ and Frank and Vanessa-light, I feel like these house guests never get a break from the stress of all the conflict between everyone. Usually I roll my eyes at the light, corny bits that break up the drama, but this year, I feel like those moments are almost non-existent. I miss them! Maybe this cast is only interesting when someone is crying or pissed off or bitching about someone else.

As for master players, I don’t think we have one this year. Frank is probably the closest as he can be pretty persuasive when he’s not annoying everyone. But he doesn’t have the numbers on his side, so his power is diminished by the fact that he’s only got one person truly in his corner. On the other side of the house, I think Paulie probably has the most potential to become a master player, but he’s not quite there yet.

This week, he’s the alpha male, and he’s already got his target in mind – Tiffany. Everyone seems to be on board with this decision, even though they worked so hard to keep her last week. But, she’s acting a little crazy, so she’s got to go. Unfortunately for them though, she puts that crazy to good use, just like Vanessa did, alternating between crying and spilling everyone’s secrets to everyone else, and before long, they’re not sure who they want to get rid of anymore.

It’s a desperate strategy, but a good one, at least in theory. When you’re up against the wall, there really isn’t that much you can do except to try and focus everyone else’s attention on a bigger target, and unfortunately for her, block partner Natalie just doesn’t cut it. Everyone knows that Natalie is only up on the block because Frank and Bridgette are safe this week, and everyone else is working with Paulie. That’s not good for Tiffany, so she sets her sights on winning the Roadkill competition, which involves the house guests hanging colour coded air fresheners on ropes strung across the RV, which apparently reeks thanks to Uncle Austin. I think this is hilarious since this is clearly a jab at last year’s Austin, who stunk up the place because he rarely showered. Anyway, the person to hang the most air fresheners in the shortest amount of time (any that fall on the floor are disqualified) wins the challenge. And who should win? Tiffany.

Now, in this time, Tiffany has started talking to Frank, which is really interesting considering their positions last week. It’s not too often that a house guest switches teams that completely in such a short amount of time, but here we are. The two of them talk and decide to nominate Corey with the option to nominate Nicole if he ends up winning the veto. So now she figures she’s got some competition on the block, though I don’t think she realizes just how popular he is in the house. In my opinion, it was a waste of a nomination, since he’s only a slightly bigger target than Natalie, and that’s only because he’s in a showmance with Nicole. In fact, I would say that the bigger target would definitely be Nicole, since she’s clearly smarter than he is, and she’s not quite as well-liked. Not only that, but nominating Corey has only made Nicole angry and willing to fight harder for her man, should she get the chance to play in the Veto competition. She knows, as does just about everyone, that either Frank or Tiffany won the Roadkill competition, so now she’s even more determined to get rid of them.

Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t get to play in the Veto, as Da’ and Paul are the chosen participants. In Scooperstar, the players challenge each other head to head to arrange scoops of ice cream to match the picture on the screen while only moving one scoop at a time. Winner moves on in the competition, and the loser is out. Corey is up first and challenges Tiffany. Now, I’d thought she’d kick his ass in this competition, since he’s definitely not the intellectual type, especially when he starts the round off by copying every move she makes. She should have this round in the bag, but alas, before long, he figures out what to do and kills her chances of coming down off the block. Round two and three eliminate Natalie and Da’, and then it’s just the boys left. Corey tells Paul he’ll throw the challenge to him so that Paul can take Corey off the block and keep himself safe, but he goes so slowly that Corey can’t help but finish first. In the final round, Paulie throws the challenge to Corey so that he can take himself off the block.

This win for Corey upsets Da’ a little bit, since now she figures she could be the replacement nominee, even though up until this point, Tiffany hadn’t been considering the idea. But her reaction to the result of the competition pisses Tiffany off. She herself had told Da’ that she’d won the Roadkill competition, which should more or less prove that she considered them allies, so Da’ freaking out over Corey’s win seems suspicious. To make matters worse, Da’ goes to Tiffany and asks her what the plan is, which just pisses Tiffany off even more. And thus, we’ve got a new replacement nominee.

Her own alliance members are having second thoughts about Da’ too. At one point, Frank sits down to talk with Da’, and whenever anyone else comes near them, they very obviously switch their topic of conversation to the fact that they need to drink more water. This makes the boys question her as well. So when Tiffany starts to spill all of Da’s secrets to everyone, the former 8Pack starts to wonder if maybe they should get rid of Da’ instead. With the information that Tiffany has, there’s not a lot that Da’ can do to defend herself. If Da’ didn’t tell Tiffany some of these things, how could she know the truth? The fact that Da’ might have told Tiffany things she shouldn’t have then you have to wonder who else she has blabbed their secrets to? On top of all that, Da does a great job of blowing up her own game when she goes to James and talks to him about eliminating the couples. Maybe she doesn’t realize, but James is in a showmance himself and what’s more, those couples are IN YOUR ALLIANCE. Of course, James goes to Paulie with this information, which sends his suspicion of her through the roof.

So when the eviction ceremony rolls around, I’m sure just about everyone is going to vote Da’ out. After all, Tiffany is a loose cannon, but Da’ is somewhat calculating. Who’s the bigger threat? The one you can’t trust because they’re crazy? Or the one you can’t trust because they’re calculating? I’m not sure I know the answer to that question, but both are dangers to the alliance. In the end though, I’m wrong: Tiffany is voted out unanimously. I’m still unsure if this was the right move for most of the house. Frank has lost an ally, and Tiff’s exit means Da’ is still around to back stab everyone in the house and to try to pick off the couples. I’m still happy with the result though. Da’ can be annoying as hell, but I can’t handle Vanessa-light’s tears anymore. I endured it with gritted teeth all last season and I’m so glad I don’t have to see it anymore this year.

We don’t get to see the HoH competition, because they can’t compete until one of the evicted house guests moves back into the house. The Battle Back is simple – the contestants face off head to head, and the winner moves on to challenge the next opponent. Three out of the four challenges are just dumbed down repeats of previous challenges played this year, and the fourth involves assembling a puzzle on the wall. My hope was that Bronte would make it back in, since she’s not even a threat at all. I could listen to that squeaky voice for a little while longer if it meant we wouldn’t have to see Jozea, Tiffany, or Victor again. Unfortunately for me, she loses her round, and in the end, Victor makes it back into the house. Everyone seems excited by the news, but I can be pretty sure that at least some of them are crying on the inside. Paulie, for instance, had better hope that Victor doesn’t become the next HoH. Actually, just about everyone in the 8Pack alliance – except for Frank – should probably be a little nervous, especially since Tiffany told Victor after the competition to steer clear of Da’ and to trust Frank. It’ll be interesting to see how he re-integrates with the rest of the household, whether they’ll accept him with open arms or make him the immediate target.

The other things of note this week are that the team twist is finally done (yay!), and so is the Roadkill competition (not so yay!) I’m extremely glad the team twist is done, because that was so dumb. Except for the fact that the entire team was safe when someone won HoH, it really didn’t affect the game that much. It was just useless and annoying. I liked the Roadkill Challenge though. It gave us another challenge each week and the third nominee was a great idea. What are they going to do on Sunday nights now with no extra challenge? Maybe they’ll bring back the Have Not competition. I just need something to break up the drama a bit.

So what did you think about this week? Will Victor be able to keep himself in the game this time? Are Da’s days numbered? Will they ever stop referring to themselves as “Your Boy?” Let me know in the comments, and we’ll see you next week!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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