Sunday Sessions – Paul Simon

Paul-SimonThere is not anything that can be said of Paul Simon that has not been said before. The man is a legend having been in the music business for over fifty years and there is nothing that he has not done. Whether as a solo artist or as a duo, the man has recorded some of the most timeless music ever to be put down and inspired many a man, woman and child for generations. He may not get as much airplay as he once did, at least on your local top forty station, but the man still continues to write having just released his latest album to critical acclaim and to continue writing meaningful work after so long is a feat most cannot accomplish. It is a little sad then that he is soon to retire from live performances, but after so many years on the road and performing to audiences all over the world for decades, perhaps the man has earned a rest. The worst part about it all is that future generations will now miss out on what the man has to offer, not because his music will disappear – there is no chance of that happening, but just seeing the man doing what he does and hearing the magic that only a live show can bring. Whether solo or with his on-again, off-again partnership with Art Garfunkel, Simon would bring not only professionalism, but a sense of wit and it will be missed.

Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes

You Can Call Me Al


BBC One Sessions

Sting & Paul Simon – Antwerp 2015

Simon & Garfunkel – 1983 Vancouver

Interview – 7/6/1986

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