Saturday Soundtracks – A Nightmare on Elm Street

Released in 1984, A Nightmare on Elm Street would give the horror genre a shot in the arm courtesy of Wes Craven and right alongside him would be composer Charles Bernstein, providing the music that would tie it all together.  It is a true product of its time, including synthesizers amongst the many instruments featured and it lends a real dynamic to the otherwise orchestral effort.  Where it would have been a pretty standard affair before, Bernstein’s inclusion of the 80’s favourite musical tool would help to give the soundtrack some punch and not only would it be exciting, but ominous.  That above all else is what makes this music so good.  It is dark and creepy and while it complements the movie perfectly, it is a great listen all on its own. Truly excellent in every way.


1 Prologue 0:33
2 Main Title 3:32
3 Laying The Traps 2:05
4 Dream Attack 1:19
5 Rod Hanged / Night Stalking 4:42
6 Jail Cell 1:12
7 Confrontation 1:40
8 Sleep Clinic 2:25
9 Terror In The Tub 0:57
10 No Escape 2:15
11 School Horror / Stay Awake 4:02
12 Lurking 1:02
13 Telephone Terror 1:07
14 Fountain Of Blood 1:03
15 Evil Freddy 0:49
16 Final Search 3:57
17 Run Nancy 1:04

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  1. Good call. Growing up, I never appreciated how incredible this soundtrack was. I only remembered the theme. It really is strong all the way through though and one of the few soundtracks that I can listen to independently.

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