Mind Capsules – Detective Comics #936 and New Avengers #13

Detective Comics #936
Detective Comics #936

Writer – James Tynion IV
Artist – Alvaro Martinez
Inker – Raul Fernandez
Colours – Brad Anderson
Letters – Marilyn Patrizio

Kate Kane, better known as Batwoman, has always had a bit of a confidence issue. It was present when she was in basic training for the army and it is still present to this very day. It is not that she does not think she can lead – she does, but once in a while, something happens to make her doubt herself and she just needs a little boost from those around. She always has it seems and while she believes that she needs a little reinforcement from other people, those other people whether it is Renee Montoya or Batman or whoever, see something in her that she does not and they know that she needs no other counsel than her own. James Tynion IV provides a look into the mind of one of the title’s leading characters and it is highly interesting to see just what it is that makes Batwoman tick. There is more than just characterization going on though as Robin alerts her to some disturbing footage of Batman getting beaten down by a team of masked Bat-Men. Why they would be dressed like Batman and why they would be attacking him is unknown at this point, but by the story’s end, some light is shed on that very subject. It is not too long before the entire team is assembled, except for Orphan who is having a few problems of her own and those same problems come home to nest and strike the team right where they live thanks to some misplaced trust. With the team not even having been on a full mission as of yet and still in the midst of their training, they are unprepared for what is happening, but they manage to get away and prepared or not, they are going to have to be in order to face the forces aligned against them. Alvaro Martinez provides some stunning artwork, complimenting the story perfectly including the characterization during the start and the action towards the end. One has to wonder though, what became of Batman as he was not present in this issue whatsoever. Has he been taken hostage, is he dead or did he manage to get away? This is an exciting time to be a reader of Detective Comics, one of DC’s best books with its creators Martinez and Tynion IV.

4 out of 5

New Avengers #13
New Avengers #13

Writer – Al Ewing
Artist – Paco Medina
Inker – Juan Vlasco
Colours – Jesus Aburtov

Agent John Garrett of S.H.I.E.L.D. is still just a little off his rocker, maybe more than a little and that means bad news for Songbird who has just been found out to be working for Roberto da Costa still, effectively making her a traitor. Making things even worse is the fact that Garrett has managed to take over Dum Dum Duggan’s systems, thus creating a small army loyal only to him. Calling out to Bobby for help, he receives the message but it might already be too late for him to do anything even though he does send the requested aid. Paco Medina delivers on the artwork side of things again and it looks great while Al Ewing once more creates a story that is both exciting and humourous, though the latter is toned down just a little bit. Roberto and Sam get a little screen time, and it is good to see the two friends together, still the very best of and still having their little arguments as well. Pod, who has been the team’s most mysterious member is focused upon by Ewing as well and we finally learn just why it is that Aikku never leaves her armour. Finally, after waiting for twelve long but glorious issues, The Maker – the Reed Richards from the Ultimate Universe, decides to make his move leading up to a confrontation between the New Avengers and the New Revengers. The one question that makes itself known throughout it all is just who will be left on the Avengers team to face them? Songbird has been captured, Hawkeye is in jail while Hulkling, Wiccan and Squirrel Girl are all of doing whatever after having been let go and then there is Pod who may not be able to help. At the moment, only Bobby is left and though formidable in his own right, he may not be enough. Additionally, will anyone be able to take down Garrett without seeming like a traitor? Fun stuff from Ewing and company with a couple of laughs to keep it light amongst all the serious and the action.

4 out of 5

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  1. Great pair of reviews. I really enjoyed Detective Comics #936 as well. It was such a good issue, especially for Batwoman and Red Robin, and the exciting final moments were really unexpected. Also love how Clayface is being developed in this series, exciting times indeed. For me, Detective Comics is way much better than Batman atm and the new Nightwing Rebirth as well. I’m not a regular reader of Avengers comics so not read The New Avengers #13, sounds like an interesting issue though 🙂

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