Issue by Issue – Hercules Unbound #6

Hercules Unbound #6Writer – Gerry Conway
Artist – José Luis García-López
Inker – Wally Wood

The culmination of Hercules’ quest is at hand as he finally faces off against his brother and arch-enemy – Ares, God of War. The battle has been a long time in the coming and Hercules is ready to end it once and for all. The relationship between brothers can be tricky sometimes, filled with highs and lows much like any other and to say that Hercules and Ares no longer get on is putting it lightly. What is quite hilarious about it all at first is that Hercules has to goad Ares into the fight. Ares wants nothing to do with it when finally coming face to face with Hercules, instead willing to send his minions to try and do the job. That aside, the story by Gerry Conway is a good one and it finds the two gods battling it out as if the fate of the world hung in the balance. It is here that José Luis García-López and Wally Wood really shine as their pencils look fantastic, the fight between the gods as big and bold as you would expect it to be. The two artists really outdid themselves on this one and it is all very exciting to see it go down. There is an incredibly interesting twist to it all in that Hercules, after all his trials and travails and after fighting for what seems an age, is willing to call a truce if Ares can bring Basil back to life. Ares of course finds it all a little strange of course, not knowing how a ‘lowly’ animal can mean so much and just how it is that Hercules can set aside his vengeance for it, but he does as asked and Basil, who sacrificed himself to save Kevin, lives once more. That is not to say that Conway ends it all on a happy note, though it is a satisfactory one. Basil is alive, Kevin and Jennifer are none the worse for wear with Kevin’s mystery still intact and Hercules, for the moment, is satisfied and looking forward to the next adventure – wherever that might lie. As it stands, Ares is still in one piece and while the two have a truce, should they ever cross paths again, brothers or not, that peace may not stand. Six issues in, the book has retained its sense of fun and excitement and it could not be any better.

4.5 out of 5

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