Saturday Soundtracks – Green Room

One of the best soundtracks to be released in 2016 is from the movie Green Room, a thriller featuring Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart among others.  What makes it stand out is not necessarily the subject matter, but its soundtrack for which it has received a bit of praise and deservedly so.  There are not too many movies that have been made recently, or even in the recent past, that feature hardcore punk along with a little thrash and metal thrown in the mix.  That of all things makes this unique, not to mention that it is actually quite a good listen on top of that.  Even better, is that is does not go back to the well and feature the same old classics, nor does it feature any of the more famous bands mentioned within the movie itself like The Misfits.  Instead, amongst the score by Brooke Blair and Will Blair, you have the band that was actually in the movie – The Ain’t Rights play a number of tracks as well as peppering it with songs from the likes of Corpus Rottus and Battletorn.  Just like the film, the soundtrack thrills as you listen to it and it breezes by with great energy.  The only time it slows down are for those moments  where the score kicks in, but even then, you simply do not mind as the Blair’s did such a great job on it.  A fantastic soundtrack from start to finish that is sure to impress once listened to.


1. Weapons Ready – Brooke Blair & Will Blair
2. What Have I Become? – The Ain’t Rights
3. Corpus Rottus – Corpus Rottus
4. Oregon Coast – Brooke Blair & Will Blair
5. Balefire – Brooke Blair & Will Blair
6. Prowling Leather – Midnight
7. Nazi Punks, Fuck Off – The Ain’t Rights
8. Red Laces – Brooke Blair & Will Blair
9. Pour A Floor – Brooke Blair & Will Blair
10. Blades And Fangs – Brooke Blair & Will Blair
11. Coronary – The Ain’t Rights
12. Inevitable Failure – Hochstedder
13. Mosh Pit – Brooke Blair & Will Blair
14. Mopping Up – Brooke Blair & Will Blair
15. Let’s Pretend – Brooke Blair & Will Blair
16. Savage Pressure – Battletorn
17. Trash – Patsy’s Rats
18. Melted – Patsy’s Rats
19. Odin Himself – Brooke Blair & Will Blair
20. Fresh Air – Brooke Blair & Will Blair
21. The Residence – Brooke Blair & Will Blair
22. We Need The Police – Brooke Blair & Will Blair
23. Sinister Purpose – Creedence Clearwater Revival
24. Toxic Evolution (Bonus Track) – The Ain’t Rights

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