Issue by Issue – Hercules Unbound #5

Hercules Unbound #5Writer – Gerry Conway
Artist – José Luis García-López
Inker – Wally Wood

Hercules, Kevin and Jennifer face off against Hunter Blood and they are not doing too well. Perhaps it is because Hunter Blood has been changed by the bombs that fell during World War III, giving him a fearsome power that can disintegrate whatever it is he wishes. There is also one difference between Hercules and this new foe which is the fact that Hercules cares what happens to others while Hunter Blood does not, giving him an edge in their battle. Gerry Conway and the artistic team of José Luis García-López and Wally Wood manage to accomplish a lot in this issue, introducing more of the new inhabitants of this post-apocalyptic Earth and even their origin, or at the very least, those who resided in London during those fateful days. It is a good thing for Hercules and his companions that these new animals are friendly ones and have no love for Hunter Blood. Once again, Kevin seems to be able to perform some mysterious feats, at least for someone that is supposed to be blind. Just how it is that he is able to do so still remains a mystery, though he surmises that if Hunter Blood could gain his powers from the bombs that fell, then maybe he could too, though just what it is that those powers are exactly have not yet been explained. From the first page to the last, there is no shortage of action and excitement to be had and the book flies by because of it. We get to see a little of Ares who is elsewhere at the moment, yet still keeping a tab on things. He is none too happy that Hercules seems to be prevailing over all the obstacles that have been set in his path. Hercules meanwhile, is determined to make his way to Ares so that they might settle things between them once and for all and if he has to go through another hundred obstacles, he will do so. This issue is not without its dramatic moments either and Conway, who made us think we lost one of the companions last issue, does indeed take his life in this issue and it is a truly shocking and sad moment, more than any other that this title has seen thus far. When the moment comes, Ares will pay for what he has done and there can be no doubt in the mind of the reader that he will.

4 out of 5

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