Issue by Issue – Hercules Unbound #4

Hercules Unbound #4Writer – Gerry Conway
Artist – José Luis García-López
Inker – Wally Wood

Hercules had been away from the world for a long time and in those years that passed, World War III happened and things got pretty bad. He was soon freed and after gaining a companion, decided to go on the hunt for the man that chained him away – Ares. He has had a few adventures since returning and now he and Kevin and Jennifer are on their way to London where her friends are supposedly being held and if their luck holds, so too will Ares so that Hercules might finish his vendetta. Of course, Gerry Conway is not going to make things that easy and thus it is that the trio find themselves under attack from some strange tiger-looking men who work for a man named Hunter Blood. The one thing that is readily apparent is that Hercules is getting a little tired of all these obstacles that are keeping him from his goal. One thing that does remain constant though is the fact that if he has to go through them all to get to Ares, then he will do so. There is little headway made on the plot concerning the mystery of Kevin but we do get to know Jennifer a little better and she seems to be just as capable as the two men at whatever has been thrown their way. Though the trio manage to put in a good showing against the assembled forces that stand opposite them, for the moment Hunter Blood stands triumphant and it should be exciting to see just what Hercules and his friends will do next. One of the more interesting things about this story is the fact that we get to see a little more of the world in this new post-apocalyptic future. Even more so is the introduction of these cat-men which may be one of the ways that this series ties into Kamandi or at least, that is what is rumoured. So far, none of the other gods of Olympus have made themselves known except for Pluto and hopefully Conway manages to introduce at least one or two at some point to keep things fresh and to at least let us know if more gods even survive aside from Hercules or Ares. Great story and solid artwork once again from José Luis García-López and Wally Wood make Hercules Unbound a truly fun title.

4 out of 5

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