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Nefarious Dealings – Juggernaut (1936)

Juggernaut 2
Juggernaut from 1936 is an old-fashioned mystery yarn starring Boris Karloff who once again plays the villain. This go round he is a doctor who has run out of money and he needs said money to keep his experiments going. So it is that he finds himself teaming up with a young woman played by Mona Goya who wants her husband to move on to the next life a little sooner rather than later. Juggernaut 10Karloff as the doctor is only too happy to help as it means a windfall for him and the promise of being able to continue his work.

Like all films, you either see them because they sound interesting or you watch them due to whomever is starring in said vehicle and in this case, the only reason to ever see this cliché-filled picture is Karloff. Not every movie can be as original as it wants to and this film is one such as that. There is nothing new here though it does manage to tell a good story, made all the better by the players who bring it to life. Karloff of course, is the best part of it all, as evil and as menacing as ever. Every word that the man says in the film feels like a con, and given how shifty he acts and how imposing his looks, it is a strange thing to think that anyone can think him up to any good no matter how talented a doctor he is. Juggernaut 8Goya does a fair job as the femme fatale, though she does tend to get a little annoying towards the end of the film. Joan Wyndham is essentially our heroine, the woman who uncovers it all by risking her life and Arthur Margetson rounds out the cast as the son of the man who is being poisoned to death.

The movie is a short one, never overstaying its welcome and that is a good thing considering it is something that has been seen before many times over. Juggernaut is really only worth watching for curiosity’s sake and for those Karloff fans; a film that is sometimes hard to find and never in any sort of quality that one would deem as good. While it offers little, it is a decent film and something that can be put on to pass the time if nothing else.

2.5 out of 5
Juggernaut 1

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