Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Indie/Chill/Electronic Compilation, Summer 2016

alexrainbird outdid himself these last two weeks with not one, but four new mixes of which this happens to be one. He takes us on a sonic journey through twenty-one tracks of the greatest music you more than likely have never heard before, from the brilliance of EXES to the greatness of Eden Fox. A truly wonderful listen.


0:00 JNCTRE — ‘Time On The Line’
2:56 EXES — ‘twentythousand’
6:06 luhx. — ‘poison’
9:52 Daydreamin’ — ‘Stay Wild’
12:51 RYD — ‘Simple Place To Be’
16:07 Rod Ladgrove — ‘How Many Times’
18:46 B R O T H E R — ‘Mobbin’
22:48 SkyDive — ‘1982’
27:03 Ofelia K — ‘Cinco’
31:05 Eden Fox — ‘Patience’
37:24 Noy — ‘Owning the Night’
41:04 The Fluxx — ‘Mother’
44:31 particlestorm — ‘Birth Of A Dying Star’
49:16 Sun Cut Flat — ‘Toy Chest/Outro’
54:10 Little Oceans — ‘Peace’
57:57 Snowfox Noisy — ‘Fire’
1:01:34 HATS — ‘Hurt You’
1:04:57 Ben Zaidi — ‘Choose You Twice.’
1:08:49 YUAR — ‘Signal’
1:12:31 Eden Fox — ‘Your Precious Smile’
1:16:29 Corridors — ‘One Word’

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