Saturday Soundtracks – Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy is a film that was thrilling from start to finish, much like the soundtrack composed by Daft Punk, the electronic duo who took on the chore of making this score and being the first time they have ever done so. The result is glorious and provides a sonic landscape that screams not only the future, but the past as well, hearkening back to the original film. Even the Overture by itself gets you pumped and lets you know that you are in for a really great ride. The usual soundtrack contains twenty-two tracks with various special editions and online versions featuring an added song or songs. It is something that record companies have been doing for a long time now, hoping that you will chase them all down or favouring those who prefer certain platforms. The good thing about these particular bonus tracks are that they are all just as good as those on the main album, whether it is Outlands, Part II or Flynn Remembers or what have you. Each provides a glimpse of the film as well as a look into the creative genius that is Daft Punk. While the movie got an undeservedly bad rap, more than likely because nobody understood it or even bothered to watch the first one, the soundtrack can still be enjoyed by itself and it stands as a truly epic piece of music.


1. Overture (0:00)
2. The Grid (2:28)
3. The Son of Flynn (4:04)
4. Recognizer (5:40)
5. Armory (8:18)
6. Arena (10:20)
7. Rinzler (11:53)
8. The Game Has Changed (14:11)
9. Outlands (17:37)
10. Adagio For TRON (20:19)
11. Nocturne (24:30)
12. End of Line (26:13)
13. Derezzed (28:49)
14. Fall (30:33)
15. Solar Sailer (31:56)
16. Rectifier (34:38)
17. Disc Wars (36:52)
18. C.L.U. (41:04)
19. Arrival (45:43)
20. Flynn Lives (47:44)
21. TRON Legacy (End Titles) (51:06)
22. Finale (54:24)
Encom Part 1 (58:46)
Encom Part 2 (1:02:39)
Round One (1:04:56)
Castor (1:06:37)
Reflections (1:08:57)
Father and Son (1:11:39)
Outlands, Part II (1:14:55)
Sea of Simulation (1:17:52)
Sunrise Prelude (1:20:31)
Trailer Opening (1:23:21)
Flynn Remembers (1:26:25)
City Reveal (1:29:28)
Victory (1:31:29)
Battle (1:33:54)
Alan Bradley’s Message (1:35:17)

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