Deep in the Himalayas… – The Snow Creature (1954)

The Snow Creature 1
There are not too many good movies about the Yeti, Bigfoot’s snowy cousin and while The Snow Creature is not all that good, it is not all that bad either. The worst that this movie has to offer is its special effects with the Yeti costumes looking absolutely horrendous. Even Roger Corman who had nothing to do with this film would have been ashamed or actually quite proud as it probably saved the production a ton of money. The Snow Creature 5The better moments of the film were those where the Yeti was off-screen and it would probably have been a stronger movie overall if it had remained so, but as the second act of the picture required bringing the Yeti back to America and put on display, that was not obviously possible. Still, you had to give the makers of this film including director W. Lee Wilder and writer Myles Wilder a little credit for trying something a little different.

The film begins with a crew looking to collect specimens in the Himalayas when the wife of their guide is kidnapped by a Yeti. Said guide is not too happy about it and when the research team refuses to go after the Yeti, partly in disbelief, the guide takes matters into his own hands and forces them to do what he wants. As they soon discover, the Yeti is real and has a family of his own which dies tragically as the Yeti tries to protect them from the human encroachers.  The Snow Creature 11 The Yeti is then captured and brought to Los Angeles for further study where it soon escapes and thereafter, killed because mankind has no idea what it means to leave nature alone.

There are many drawbacks to the film, the special effects which were already mentioned being the least thrilling, but also including the writing and the acting which could have been vastly improved. Obviously having been made on a shoestring budget they must have felt that their best was not needed and thus the reason for most of the shoddy production work. That being said, there is a certain charm to it that only movie’s made so cheaply can provide. More often than not, they do have a little heart behind them and when the Yeti dies at the end of the film, you cannot help but call back to King Kong or The Wolf Man or any number of horror films. The monster is always the more pitiable of creatures, especially when having to choose between them or humanity. So while not a great movie, it was decent and would be followed by many more films about the legendary creature in the years that would follow.

2.5 out of 5
The Snow Creature 2

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