Mind Capsules – Detective Comics #935 and Swamp Thing #6

Detective Comics #935
Detective Comics #935

Writer – James Tynion IV
Artist – Eddy Barrows
Inker – Eber Ferreira
Colours – Adriano Lucas
Letters – Marilyn Patrizio

Batman’s new team of heroes, consisting of Red Robin, Spoiler, Orphan and Clayface, and still unnamed for the moment, are training as if there is no tomorrow. It is exactly as Batwoman would have it as well, for if she has no idea how they will perform past the point of exhaustion, or even how long it takes them to get them there, then she will not be able to help them improve. After a bit of complaining from everyone present, they begrudgingly agree with her. Though this may be Batman’s title, Batwoman is turning out to be the star and it is great to see James Tynion IV make her so. Both of our heroes get equal time, but she is such a strong woman and such a great character and perhaps it is partly due to the fact that she no longer has a book to her name and the whole absence makes the heart grow fonder thing, that you feel a lot of giddiness and excitement whenever she is on the page. She is a tough taskmaster and if the team is to be the best they can be, then Batman has picked the best person for the job. Aside from the training, Batman and Red Robin manage to pay a visit to a recuperating Azrael who was attacked last issue by the mysterious forces set against Batman and his companions. They soon discover thanks to the fallen hero that they might be called The Colony and having gotten a glimpse of them previously, this story leaves off with Batman being attacked by what can only be members of the same group. As of this point, Tynion is doing a great job of setting up this mysterious force that is set against our players, creating suspense and tension as you have no idea what they are here for or what they want, or even if Batman and his newly-formed group will have any chance of defeating them. While we have seen a lot of Red Robin over the years, it is nice to see his relationship with Stephanie explored, as well as learning a little bit more about Cassandra Cain and having Clayface get the spotlight a little bit showing that maybe underneath the villain was just a misunderstood man looking to gain back a semblance of a life. With some exceptional characterization, some very dynamic pencils from Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira, Detective Comics is turning out to be a truly different and exceptional book in the Bat-family of titles.

4 out of 5

Swamp Thing #6
Swamp Thing #6

Writer – Len Wein
Artist – Kelley Jones
Colours – Michelle Madsen
Letters – Rob Leigh

Len Wein and Kelley Jones wrap up the final installment of Swamp Thing’s latest adventure and it ends with the final showdown between Alec Holland and Matt Cable. Though a few might have guessed, Wein throws in a big surprise which turns things on its head and while you had to know on one hand that something like that would happen, it came out of nowhere. As the story begins, Holland is facing off against the new Swamp Thing and while the monster is a little surprised to see him, Holland has brought along a few friends to even things up a little. There is a general consensus that Swamp Thing is the most powerful being upon the planet and who would know better than Alec Holland? That is why Zatanna, The Phantom Stranger and The Spectre are present, because the current Swamp Thing cannot be allowed to run as rampant as he currently is. Overall, the series has been quite good and it has been wonderful to see Len Wein back at the helm of his most famous creation. There were a few missteps along the way, particularly when it came to the use of humour, but this was a well-crafted, old-fashioned horror tale and it was evident upon every page from start to finish of every issue. Much of that can be attributed to Kelley Jones, a man who is basically synonymous with horror and if there was one man born to draw this book, it would be him. While Wein and Jones could have just produced the average Swamp Thing story, they peppered it with a little mystery, some suspense and a couple little surprises here and there. The choice of guest stars were unsurprising, but no less perfect as they are as much a part of Swamp Thing’s little corner of the universe as he is. Suffice it to say, if a new Swamp Thing ongoing series were launched tomorrow, having these two creative forces on the book would be quite exceptional. Additionally, with the way the book was left, there is always room for the story to continue in some way, though it does manage to satisfy and create a great, self-contained series.

4 out of 5

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  1. Detective #935 was really good. I like how Tynion is making Batman and Batwoman such a pivotal characters in this series, and I love the artwork as well. Think this run is going to be something very special indeed. I also enjoyed Swamp Thing #6 Len Wein has crafted a great storyline with this series and the art by Kelly Jones is stunning. Think I would like to get this one in a trade collection as well, just to enjoy the art all in one volume. Great reviews 🙂

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