Saturday Soundtracks – Dracula the Musical

Dracula the Musical is not the most famous of all broadway plays and it never had the greatest reviews, but even so, how can you not be a fan of a show that brings the greatest vampire of them all to the stage and even more, of the great soundtrack that accompanies it.  The current version of the show that is performed is not the same as the one that premiered way back in 2001, having had a couple of revisions here or there, but the meat and bones are still present as are the songs.  This soundtrack features James Stacy Barbour as Dracula, Kate Shindle as Mina, Rob Evan as Jonathan Harker and Norm Lewis as Abraham Van Helsing – among many others as well.  It is a shorter version of the show which currently appears and thus there are less tracks, but if you give it a listen, you will find that it is still quite an enjoyable listen and you will still understand the story that is being sung, more so if you know the tale involving the famous monster.


0:00 Prologue / Over Whitby Bay ( Kate Shindle & Rob Evan )
4:53 Fresh Blood ( James Barbour )
8:18 The Mist ( Lauren Kennedy )
11:04 A Perfect Life ( Kate Shindle )
14:12 The Master’s Song ( Euan Morton )
17:49 Loving You Keeps Me Alive ( James Barbour )
20:42 Life After Life ( James Barbour & Lauren Kennedy )
24:16 Mina’s Cry ( Antoine Silverman & Bernd Schoenhart )
25:27 Please Don’t Make Me Love You ( Kate Shindle )
28:17 Before The Summer Ends ( Rob Evan )
30:47 The Heart Is Slow To Learn ( Kate Shindle )
33:49 Deep In The Darkest Night ( Norm Lewis )
36:33 The Longer I Live ( James Barbour )
39:24 At Last ( Kate Shindle & James Barbour )
42:05 Finale / There’s Always A Tomorrow ( Kate Shindle & James Barbour )

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