Mind Capsules – Batman #1 and Squadron Supreme #8

Batman #1
Batman #1

Writer – Tom King
Artist – David Finch
Inker – Matt Banning
Colours- Jordie Bellaire
Letters – John Workman

The first issue of Tom King’s Batman begins and it does so with a disaster of epic proportions, or at least you are lead to believe it will be as such. The thing of it is, this is a Batman title and while Batman is no stranger to disasters, the man is on the case and if there is any way that he can prevent it, he will. While it seems as if the story is going to be a somewhat predictable outing, King ratchets up the action exponentially after the first few pages and what makes this first story so exciting is the fact that there are no real villains in the book except for some unnamed guy who happens to have a surface-to-air missile on him and has decided to bring down a plane. It is a different move for a Bat-book, to feature a story without any of the Gotham bad guys, especially for a first issue, but it works and does so quite well. So what we do get to see is Batman doing what he does best – saving the day by attempting to do the impossible, something anyone else would fail to consider doing or trying and it all becomes quite thrilling as we watch our hero race the clock to save the lives of hundreds, if not thousands. While Alfred does send the call out to the Justice League, because even Batman realizes that he might be in over his head, they are all busy or out of town battling this or that and so it is that he finds himself alone on this one. Yet, instead of feeling daunted by the immensity of the situation, he does what he can to minimize the loss of life that is going to happen and he reduces it down to one – his own. For all intents and purposes, that is a good outcome. The thing of it all though is King has a surprise set up for the reader and he does so by ending the book on it, leaving us wondering and wanting more which is the best conclusion one could usually ask for in a comic because it guarantees you coming back. Joining King on this expedition is a man who is no stranger to the Batman franchise in David Finch. His pencils are as strong and as dynamic as ever and the book looks gorgeous. Whether the man can keep up to a bi-weekly schedule is unknown, but at the end of the day, this book is sure to be a hit no matter what and it will be interesting to see just where it is that he and King are going to take us.

4 out of 5

Squadron Supreme #8
Squadron Supreme #8

Writer – James Robinson
Artist – Leonard Kirk, Paolo Villanelli
Inker – Paul Neary
Colours – Chris Sotomayor
Letters – Travis Lanham

Doctor Spectrum stands amid the carnage created by The Myriad, conflicted as to what her next move should be. Does she trust the Inhumans, Toro and Black Bolt, or does she attack them and try to salvage whatever she can out of the mission? As it is, she does the former after a few words with Toro and as such, gets an invite to Attilan to find out just why it was that Black Bolt saved her out of everyone who died upon her planet. James Robinson finally delivers a few answers with this issue, though he also brings up a few more questions while doing so. Though the conversation between Spectrum and Medusa is quite fascinating when she arrives in Attilan, the book also features a bit of action as the Squadron’s Nighthawk continues to battle this Earth’s Nighthawk. While it is one that could have been of epic proportions, Nighthawk from the Squadron had a plan and he manages to come out on top after which he makes a startling discovery. It seems the Myriad has plans and after Nighthawk calls the rest of the team in, they come to the conclusion about just who it might be that is behind the Myriad and it comes as a bit of a surprise. Robinson has been doing a good job of establishing the team and their personalities of late, the only thing that he has not been doing is letting them get to their mission which was set up during the first couple of issues. Though this new threat with the Myriad is a step in the right direction, the book seems to have fallen into general superhero territory. That is not necessarily a bad thing as Robinson has been writing a pretty compelling tale, but it would be great to see the book get back to what was promised. As the book leaves off, it does so with a cliff-hanger that fortells a confrontation that will be one the team has been looking forward to. A fun story from a title filled with them, but what was supposed to have set the title apart from others is no longer apparent.

3.5 out of 5

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  1. I enjoyed Batman #1, but I’m still not completely sold on the new creative team. The story was good, there was a surprise twist as well, just not sure it quite works. Perhaps I’m still getting used to Snyder not being around now. The art was ok as well, loved the Batmobie in this, but again, I share your concerns about the twice montly schedule. Hopefully they will be able to maintain the quality. I’ll certainly give the new Batman team a chance though. I’ve never read Squadron Supreme, but it sounds interesting. Great reviews 🙂

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