Pulptastic! – Carter Brown 1

Nothing says pulp like Carter Brown and his detective Al Wheeler, Rick Holman and more.

Carter Brown 15 Carter Brown 1 Carter Brown 2 Carter Brown 3 Carter Brown 4 Carter Brown 5 Carter Brown 6 Carter Brown 7 Carter Brown 8 Carter Brown 9 Carter Brown 10 Carter Brown 11 Carter Brown 12 Carter Brown 13 Carter Brown 14 MikeShayne-60

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  1. Wow! I had never heard “Carter Brown” before, so I looked him up:

    Carter Brown was a pseudonym for Alan Yates an Australian writer. He wrote westerns under the pseudonym Todd Conway, science fiction under Paul Valdez, and some novels under Caroline Farr. He even found the time to write books under various versions of his own name as well as other pseudonyms, Dennis Sinclair and Sinclair MacKellar. But it was his pseudonym Peter Carter Brown then later, Carter Brown (‘Peter’ was dropped for the US market) who was to become the international best-selling pulp fiction author. The extraordinary early success of Carter Brown in the 1950s meant that Yates was contracted to produce one short novel and two long novels each month. In reality, Yates was truly prolific with 322 published Carter Brown novels.

    DANG! 3 novels A MONTH! and 322 Carter Brown novels in all!

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