Issue by Issue – Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #9

Kamandi_09Writer – Jack Kirby
Aritst – Jack Kirby
Inker – Mike Royer
Letters – Mike Royer

On the way to the eventual safety of Tracking Site, Kamandi and his companions which include Ben Boxer are attacked by some giant Bats, creatures who have been trying to kill Tracking Site’s inhabitants for quite some time it seems. But like Ben had mentioned before, Tracking Site is a safe haven and the Bats are unable to enter. Kamandi soon learns that Tracking Site is an old N.A.S.A station inside a giant globe and upon their entry, he too finds out that it is not the haven that Ben Boxer deemed it to be as they are attacked by robots under the control of a being called The Misfit. One of the better things about this series is that Jack Kirby infuses it with all manner of creations from the fertile imagination that he calls his own. His latest creation – The Misfit, recalls M.O.D.O.K. in almost every way, simply a much smaller version and if it can even be as such, much creepier as well. There are few things that are immediately frightening as a being whose body is all head with four tiny limbs protruding from it and that is what this new villain is. The Misfit wants to control and rule the Earth it seems and it is going to do through the robots it controls with its mind and with Morticoccus – The Ultimate Germ! While The Misfit is quite interesting, Morticoccus is the weakest part of the book. A good idea in theory with a great name, but very unimpressive when faced with the reality of it. Of course, Kamandi is going to fight back, not only for his sake, but for everybody’s as he does not want to be ruled by The Misfit, nor does he want to see everybody wiped out by the germ that this creature is holding. There are more problems that arise as The Bats are soon able to invade Tracking Site, something they were never able to do before, but thanks to Kamandi who has fought back against The Misfit, the latter is unable to keep the shields up and thus the reason for the invasion. There are many things that Kamandi had hoped to discover at Tracking Site – hopes, dreams and perhaps a future. All of that is now in doubt and you have to wonder just how Kamandi is dealing with it all on an emotional level, his world constantly in upheaval. This story is yet another win for the King of Comics, one packed full of action and excitement in the best way possible.

4 out of 5

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  1. Another action packed and exciting issue of Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth. These classic issues are such fun, always enjoy reading you reviews of them. Makes me want to read these issues again 🙂

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