Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Indie/Pop/Folk Compilation, June 2016

alexrainbird does it again by delivering an incredibly fun playlist of bands fresh and new and more than likely, unheard by most. This is the perfect way to broaden one’s musical horizons and each playlist is eagerly anticipated each and every month.  Check it out and discover bands like Alphabet Botanical and Lewisland among many others. You definitely cannot go wrong giving this a listen or five.


0:00 Souveneer — ‘Strangers’
2:51 Hillsburn — ‘Run Down’
5:09 Cinders — ‘Like A Holiday’
8:59 Jeff LeBlanc — ‘Lost Tonight’
12:29 Toby Johnson — ‘Compass Heart’
16:15 Alphabet Botanical — ‘We’re Starting Something’
19:32 Sam Ryder — ‘Raven, Rook & Crow’
23:21 Firewoodisland — ‘Feast’
27:43 Dillon Bhana — ‘No Words’
31:12 Gryff — ‘Sunsets (Don’t Stop)’
35:23 Adam Harpaz — ‘Waterslide’
38:44 FLORIO — ‘Want You’
42:20 therainydayapparel — ‘This Too Shall Pass’
47:01 Girl Friend — ‘Tragic On The Dancefloor’
50:42 Lewisland — ‘Top Of The World’
54:35 Foxtails Brigade — ‘Perfect Execution’
59:19 Lauren Marsh — ‘Dear Love’
1:02:58 ISLE — ‘Kid’
1:06:27 SkyDive — ‘The Cat Song’
1:10:59 Bruno Wistful — ‘Into The Night’

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