Issue by Issue – Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #6

Kamandi #6Writer – Jack Kirby
Artist – Jack Kirby
Inker – Mike Royer

After being set free by the Tigers, thanks to Prince Tuftan that is, Kamandi and Flower are on their way towards the unknown, hopefully to find some of their people and maybe a little peace. Of course, fate has something else in mind for our hero and his new-found friend as they are ambushed by some bikers. While Kamandi is able to defend himself, there are simply too many of them and he and Flower are soon overwhelmed and knocked unconscious. Jack Kirby brings the excitement once again and he puts Kamandi in a situation that seems idyllic and yet, no matter where Kamandi goes in this new world, there is always danger to be had. Right now, he and Flower are in a wildlife preserve, humans being the wildlife and while all seems fine, poachers have made their way in looking to bag a bit of game. It is soon made apparent that Kamandi and Flower are their targets, only they never expected Kamandi to be as resourceful as he is and though in the end the Puma’s are defeated with a little help from the Lions that run the reserve, Flower pays the ultimate price and Kamandi is alone once more. Kirby has more often than not, delivered some very fast-paced and action-packed stories, very rarely delving into anything that one would call emotional. There was a moment where Kamandi’s grandfather was murdered and while devastating to our hero, he seemed to be over it in no amount of time. Here, the death of Flower seems to have really hit home and when coupled with that first traumatic experience, Kamandi looks to be taking it really hard. There is also the fact that Flower was of the opposite sex – Kamandi never having really met a human woman before this, or at the very least, one that could talk with him and one whom he could possibly see himself spending his life with. It is definitely a respite from all of the action that has been taking place and it is nice to see Kirby shifting gears a little bit to deliver some much needed characterization for the book’s protagonist. A strong issue on all fronts leading once more, into the unknown.

4 out of 5

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