Mind Capsules – Nailbiter #21 and Uncanny X-Men #7

Nailbiter #21
Nailbiter #21

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Mike Henderson
Colours – Adam Guzowski
Letters – John J. Hill

The newest arc entitled Bound by Blood begins in this very issue and it finds Alice, now knowing that the Nailbiter, Edward Charles Warren, is her father and the subject of fascination in her school. One of the students in particular, Kyle, clearly has an obsession with serial killers. One of the reasons that might be as such is that his uncle just happened to be one of them, more specifically the Hatewatcher. Alice is none too pleased with the recent turn of events and while Sheriff Crane is trying to look out for her, there is nothing that she can really do. Things take a sharp turn when obsession turns into kidnapping and Kyle and his friends make the biggest mistake of their lives. Right out of the gate from that very first opening scene, Joshua Williamson, Mike Henderson and Adam Guzowski reel you right back in after a short hiatus and you know that it was definitely worth the wait. What they do is provide another compelling mystery with that one shot and you cannot help but burn through the pages in the hopes that they will reveal how it came to be. Much like every other mystery the book has featured, including the overall premise of the book; they tempt and tease the reader without giving anything away while still delivering a very solid and engrossing story. Despite Alice being the center of attention this issue, we get a little bit dealing with Edward who has been released from FBI custody and is headed back home with Finch as his companion, mainly so Finch can keep an eye on him. Sheriff Crane is now working with the Reverend so that she can gain access to the old library records which is not sitting well with anybody and another famous town-member comes home to re-open the Murder Store, again, much to the displeasure of many. Just when you thought nothing could top that opening scene, the creative team leaves the book off on a pretty startling cliff-hanger and it looks like everyone in Buckaroo is in for a bit of shakeup because of it. One question that needs answering and one that rears its head due to the finale is an obvious one. You have to wonder how that is possible and if it will perpetuate more of the same. One thing that is continually for sure, is that if you read this book, you are guaranteed to come back for more.

4 out of 5

Uncanny X-Men #7
Uncanny X-Men #7

Writer – Cullen Bunn
Artist – Ken Lashley
Colours – Nolan Woodward
Letters – VC’s Joe Caramagna

The current book featuring everyone’s favourite mutants features two storylines by Cullen Bunn, the first featuring Magneto and Psylocke investigating this seemingly cognizant Warren while down in the sewers, M and Sabretooth are trying to figure out why the Morlocks are getting sick. Tying into the Rise of Apocalypse crossover, the ultimate surprise of the story is not exactly a shocker as you know what will eventually happen – you just do not know how as of yet. Bunn does a great job of bringing us there, especially concerning the mystery of this new (or old) Warren Worthington. It is a little mind-boggling for our heroes, especially as the mindless automaton known as Archangel is back at their base. For now, all we can do is guess that the Warren that Magneto and Psylocke have just found is some sort of clone or was split off into a separate body somehow. There is quite a bit of action to be had once our heroes encounter the foes that the small town of Green Ridge was hiding and it leaves off on a cliff-hanger with the reader not knowing their fates. As for the Morlock story, it is not as interesting as the main tale as we have seen this particular plot in variations many times before. It could take a turn for the better though as M realizes exactly why the Morlocks are getting ill and turning into the creatures that they are. What this issue does most of all is present a little context as to why Warren is on the team and why Magneto is taking such an interest in this mystery when it is something that he usually would not care about in the slightest unless it directly affected him. This was a solid story and a good issue from the best X-book being published at the moment.

3.5 out of 5

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