Big Brother Canada Season 4 Ep.30 – Obligatory Recap Episode

bbcan30Is anyone else surprised that Cassandra is still in the house? I thought, for sure, that she would be the one to head to the jury house last week. I thought Joel had it in the bag to stay, until he made his speech, and I have to wonder, did he do it just to get himself kicked out? Or did he already know what was going to happen? I can’t see anyone making a speech like that unless they knew they were going home. Or unless they were sabotaging themselves, which he had considered doing. I have no idea.

But the fact is, Cassandra is still in the house because she’d made a deal with the brothers that she would throw the HoH challenge if they let her stay. And they believed her once again. They really don’t learn, do they? Cassandra has no intention of throwing the challenge – that is, until they start to call her out on it when she gets a couple of questions right. Then, feeling overwhelmed by the difficulty of the challenge, she decides to throw the competition after all. I’m not sure I buy this (and neither do the other house guests). I think she just “threw” it because she realized she couldn’t win anyway, so she might as well save face.

So it’s down to Tim and Nick, who are neck and neck with each other for the win. During the last question, Tim rings in first without knowing the answer, so he gets it wrong. Nick knows exactly which PoV challenge is being referred to and easily names it, and thus, the brothers win HoH again. Great. The one team I didn’t want to win this challenge. Now, who they nominate won’t be of any consequence, since the winner of the PoV challenge will be the only player not nominated. But the fact is, the brothers have now made the final three, and their obnoxiousness is exhausting. These two are far too high on themselves. I really hope that they’ll be out next time around, because I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to handle their idiocy.

So the brothers are happy, and Cassandra is somewhat happy too, because she isn’t universally hated in the house anymore. Tim, on the other hand, is pretty angry about what went down. He thinks that he lost the challenge because Cassandra threw it to Nick, which definitely is not true. He had the perfect chance to win, and he blew it. But even though there is some tension between Tim and Cassandra, they’re still working together, which is good, because the other side of the house won’t work with either of them. This is definitely made clear when Cassandra expresses her doubt about throwing the HoH competition to the brothers, and Kelsey puts her in her place, telling her she’s only still in the house because she saved Cassandra. She also tells Cass that she could never win the game because Kelsey has been the one to save her every time. Umm no. She helped this time, yes, but most of the time, Cass got through the game all by herself. And not only that, but Cass has also saved Kelsey at least once.

Gary Glitter shows up this evening to primp and prep the house guests for the BBCan awards! These awards take up about half the episode, so I won’t bother with the specifics. It’s kind of boring, watching them reminisce about everything that’s happened this season, so I fast forwarded this part a little bit. Once that’s done, they go back to playing the game. Kelsey and the brothers flirt like crazy, so much that I constantly find myself rolling my eyes. Phil definitely has a bit of a crush on Kelsey, but Kelsey doesn’t seem to feel the same way. She’s basically just using both guys to keep them close. She’s not great at challenges, so why not have a couple of guys who are good at challenges do your work for you? I’m sure Jared would be pleased to find out about all of this.

Not surprisingly, the brothers nominate Cassandra and Tim to take the block. Shocker. But as they say, they’ve been on the block together before and both made it through the week. They can do it again. All they have to do is win the veto. They’ve got a fifty percent chance of winning and if they do, they can send Kelsey out the door once again. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

Not a lot went on this episode and actually, compared to the past couple episodes of the show, this one was pretty boring. But I guess they’ve got to do the sort of recap episode at some point. Now that it’s over, we’re ready for the last leg of the race. It’s going to be interesting! Here’s hoping Kelsey goes out the door on Wednesday. We’ll find out soon enough!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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  1. I was disappointed when the bros won HOH too. I agree with Cass saving face too. I hope she wins Veto. How awesome would that be. I wonder if she’d switch gameplan at last minute and vote out Tim? He would be difficult to beat. That said, I’d also like Kelsey gone. I think Joel’s parting words were to help Cass by illuminating Bros and Kelsey’s flaws. Tonight’s episode should be more exciting than recap 😉

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