Big Brother Canada Season 4 Ep.28 – Threeakshow On Thin Ice

bbcan28I have to admit – there were a few weeks this season where I found my mind wandering while watching the show. Not because it wasn’t exciting – this season has been incredible and so unpredictable! No, my mind wandered because besides Tim, I really didn’t have a favourite in the house after Mitch was evicted. I mean, I like Joel, but Mitch was just such a good player, I think just about everyone else paled in comparison. And then Cassandra came to life. She stopped being just the catty bitch and actually became a strategy guru. Suddenly my interest shot up again!  And now her life in the house may soon be over. She and Tim have been nominated for eviction, and really, the only way for their alliance, Threeakshow, to remain safe this week, is for Joel to win the Veto. They both know this. Joel knows it and so Joel begins his campaign to save his alliance. This involves sucking up to Kelsey and the brothers to gain their trust enough that they might throw the challenge to him.

First, he tries to talk to Kelsey, and his strategy is to try to tug at her heartstrings. He plays the sad puppy, acting all down on himself and expressing his need to win to prove that he can do it. After all, he’d only won one challenge, and that was when he competed with Mitch. He didn’t do it on his own. He talks about being afraid to make a fool of himself again, though I don’t remember when he did that before. Someone remind me? Kelsey seemed to know what he was talking about. She doesn’t seem to get too emotional about his admissions, but she does ask if he’d use the veto if he won, and of course he says no. She seems to believe him.

Then he moves on to talk to the brothers and pretty much says the same thing to them. Actually, I think they’re maybe a little more moved than Kelsey was. They, too, ask if he’d use the Veto, and he tells them no as well. I have to say, I kind of admire Joel right now, willing to do everything he can to save his alliance, even if it means sabotaging his own game. After all, if he wins the Veto and uses it on Cassandra, the brothers and Kelsey will hate him just as much as they hate Cass. It’s a bold move, but if he can pull it off, it could earn him votes in the final.

After a couple of minutes watching Joel lip sync to Call Me Maybe, it’s time for movie night! Er, TV show night! I get that this is all about Shomi, and they generally don’t have a lot of new stuff on Shomi, but the house guests get to watch unReal, which granted, is an incredible show, but it aired last summer. At least the American house guests get something new. Why not show something that’s started airing first run in the past three months? Something they wouldn’t have seen as they don’t get TV in here? Just saying. Kinda lame, BBCan.

But this whole thing was, of course, a lead up to the Shomi sponsored PoV challenge. There’s a giant, ball pit-sized area in the back yard filled with styrofoam popcorn, and hidden among the popcorn are cards featuring movies and TV shows that currently air on Shomi. A series of titles will flash across the screen, and the house guests then need to find the cards depicting these movies and TV shows and put them on their boards in the correct order. The person who finishes last in each round is eliminated and gets to choose the titles for the next round.

It’s immediately obvious that Kelsey and Phil are working together to finish this challenge, and surprisingly, they help Joel too, since they both believe he’s working against Tim and Cassandra. The three of them easily get through the first round, as does Tim, leaving Cassandra out of the competition. As the rounds continue, Tim starts to get more and more suspicious of Joel, since he’s clearly working with the enemy. Is he still a Threeak? Or is he working against them now? Tim doesn’t know, but once the second round is done and Kelsey is eliminated, his paranoia gets the better of him. In round three, he boots it, finding all his cards incredibly quickly, which totally confuses poor Joel. I think it sort of throws him off his game, because this turns out to be the end of the road for our lovable nerd.

So now it’s down to Tim and Phil, and whoever wins this round will get a one-card advantage for the last round. I think it’s really stupid that they even need two rounds for this. There are only two people left. One round would suffice. Not that it matters anyway, because Tim wins the advantage and then ultimately wins the challenge, earning him the PoV and a $5000 package from Shomi. I’m not sure what this package would entail, but hey, it’s nothing to turn your nose up at.

Tim, his paranoia at an all-time high, suddenly gets really obnoxious after winning the challenge, sort of egging everyone else on, and spouting off stuff about not being able to trust people and being tired of putting his faith in others. Cassandra corners him in one of the rooms, and he tells her right to her face that the alliance is over. He’s done with alliances. They’d never needed alliances in Australia, so he doesn’t need one here either. A flabbergasted – and extremely angry – Cassandra is virtually speechless. What can you say to something like this? She feels pretty betrayed by him – she’d saved him from the block last week, and this is how he repays her? I’d be angry too. And it’s not the fact that he has to choose between saving her or saving himself. That’s understandable. It’s that they went into the challenge as a strong unit of three, and now it’s every man for himself. You can see how much it hurts her, and it makes me feel really bad for her.

Now Joel has to go to work. He talks to Kelsey and basically tells her he doesn’t want to go up next to Cassandra. He promises Kelsey that if she puts the brothers up instead of him, he would vote with her, and Cassandra would go home. She definitely seems to consider it. She trusts Joel and trusts that he wouldn’t betray her and the brothers. Oh Kelsey, little do you know.

Cass tries to appeal to Tim too, trying to convince him to use the Veto on her instead of on himself. She’s been wanting to win this game for so long. It would be a dream come true for her. Does he even want to win? Apparently Tim isn’t sure. She’s crying, and it really seems to get to him, enough so that he’s at least considering using the Veto on her. But in the end, he decides he can’t let the opportunity slip past him. He can’t leave himself vulnerable when he can safe himself. Not surprising. Also not surprising is the fact that Kelsey nominates Joel instead of the brothers. They were loyal to her and Jared, so she has to stick with them.

So that leaves Cassandra and Joel up on the block. This sucks! I was really looking forward to the brothers going home, but that dream has now been squashed. And while Joel is upset about the fact that he’s going up against his best friend in the house this week, she doesn’t seem as concerned. She’s all set to campaign and throw Joel under the bus in order to stay, but I’m not sure Joel has the same stomach for that kind of deception. Lying straight to the face of the other side of the house? Yes. But not campaigning against his best friend? Not so much.

My guess is that, unless Cass can do some really fancy footwork, she’ll be the one to go to jury tomorrow night. She’s much more likely to garner votes from the jury than Joel would, so for that, I think she’ll be on her way out. And if that happens, Joel and Tim are both kind of screwed. Cassandra was the glue that connected these two boys, just like Kelsey was for Raul and Jared. Without the lynch pin, the structure falls, especially when one of the support beams doesn’t trust the other and is done with alliances. I honestly don’t even know who I want to go home this week – I love Joel, and I’d love to see if he could pull it off and become an outwardly strategic player, but Cassandra is such a good player, it’d be a real shame to see her out the door.

Who do you want to stay? Who do you want to win the whole game? And what to you think will actually happen? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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  1. Great review. This episode was intense. Joel had good plan and it was going well until Tim got suspicious. A shame. I agree about exciting players, as in we haven’t seen many… then like you said, Cass sparked alive. I hope Tim realigns with her. Oh and Joel singing… hilarious. BB has a sense of humour 😉

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