Big Brother Canada Season 4 Ep.27 – All Hell Breaks Loose

bbcan27Now that we’re down to the final five house guests, things are really starting to get intense. Up until now, we’ve seen some strong players and some very weak players, and now there is no clear front runner in the group, nor is there really a straggler. Everyone that’s left has some claim to the BBCan throne. Kelsey is the girl who came back from the dead. Joel and the brothers have been playing their games close to their chests and Cassandra and Tim have played the best strategic games this season. The fact that the power has shifted to just about everyone relatively equally makes for a very exciting season. But while things have been friendly between the house guests up until this point, this is no longer the case.

Last week, the brothers got hold of the second HoH title and put up Tim and Nikki for eviction and now we get the full story. It turns out that while everyone was playing the HoH challenge, Phil and Cassandra talked and agreed to a deal: Cass wouldn’t go up on the block as long as she promised not to use the Veto if she won. Then Nick won the challenge, and it was time to nominate. Here’s where things start to get a little messy. Nick was all about nominating Tim and Cassandra, but before he could open his mouth, Phil jumped in and nominated Tim and Nikki instead.

If we’ve never seen Nick truly angry before, we have now. As soon as he gets the chance, he takes Phil aside and yells at him for piping up. He’d had a plan and what’s more, it was his week to decide, not Phil’s. He’d won the HoH challenge, and Phil swooped in and took control and did something stupid. Phil tries to assure Nick that it’s okay! Cassandra promised! Nick clearly thinks just as much as we do that Phil is a moron. Cassandra is a snake! You can’t trust her!  To Cassandra’s credit, she does try to keep her word with the boys. She assures Tim that if she doesn’t use the Veto, he’ll still be safe, because she and Joel will vote Nikki out. But Tim isn’t content with this. He knows that Nikki and Joel are close, and he doesn’t trust that the other guy will keep him over her. So Cassandra does the only thing she can do—she saves Tim from eviction.

Once the vote is over, and Nikki is gone, the brothers head to the pink room, where Nick commences berating Phil for his stupid decision. Phil just keeps apologizing to him, and Nick just keeps on lecturing him. I’m not sure whose side I’m on. Phil knows he’s made a mistake, and having to be reminded of that over and over again really sucks. On the other hand, I’d be pissed if my sister ruined our game. I’d probably yell at her too.

At the HoH competition, named Last Time on Big Brother Canada, the contestants have to hear a little recap about a specific week in the house and then guess who the HoH was that week. This should be good. Three quarters of the house guests playing are in one alliance. How hard can it be to beat Kelsey? Apparently pretty hard. Cassandra falls behind first, and then Joel follows suit. Soon it’s only between Kelsey and Tim, and in the end, Kelsey edges Tim out, winning the crown for herself. Of course, this has Cassandra quaking in her boots. She did just put up Kelsey’s boyfriend last week after all. Making things worse is Tim when he outs their alliance, Threak Show. Cassandra tries to cover things over by saying that the group consisted of her, Tim and Nikki, instead of Joel, but the others don’t believe her. Joel, his game at least partially screwed, walks off, unable to express how angry he is with Tim for spilling the beans. Cass expresses it though, as soon as they’re alone.

We next join the house guests outside when Kelsey tells Cassandra that she’s broken trust with the other house guests, and Cassandra defends herself. She’d promised that she wouldn’t put up Tim, Joel, or Kelsey when she was HoH, so that only left Jared. Kelsey seems to understand, though she doesn’t forgive her old friend for what she did. The conversation turns a little more accusatory after that, as the brothers and Kelsey accuse her of only being loyal to herself. This really makes her angry. She’s been loyal to a few people throughout season. Just because she wasn’t loyal to the brothers or to Kelsey doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been loyal to her own people. She has to walk away before she flies off the handle.

She does manage to get Kelsey alone, and she and Tim tell her about the pact the brothers had tried to make with them a little while before. And this conversation is backed up for us by flash backs to the other night, so we know that it’s at least partially true. But when the three of them go to the brothers to get everything out in the open, the boys go nuts with their vehemence that they never made deals like this. They immediately jump down everyone’s throats, calling Tim and Cassandra manipulative liars. It’s intense. It’s a little uncalled for. That kind of screaming isn’t needed. So since Kelsey can’t get the truth out of these four players, she goes to Joel for his advice, and he basically tells her that Phil is lying, that when people fly off the handle that much with so little provocation, it usually means they’re not being honest. Joel is correct and smart, trying to save his alliance members by very gently shining the light on the the brothers. He then urges her to put up Cassandra and the brothers, and she seems to at least consider it an option, though in the end, she nominates Tim and Cassandra instead.

This is hardly shocking. Cass and Tim are the two strongest players in the house, and Kelsey knows that. They’re also very clearly working together and will probably never turn on each other. It would be stupid of her not to put the two of them up on the block against each other. So now their only hope is that Joel will win the Veto, so that he can save himself and one of them, forcing Kelsey to put up the brothers instead. I can’t tell you how much I hope this will happen. Now that Jared is gone, I apparently need someone else to hate on, and the brothers fit that bill perfectly. They’re hot heads, and they’re idiots, and it blows my mind that they’re so quick to judge when they’re not squeaky clean either. They accuse Cassandra of only being loyal to herself, of being selfish, but they haven’t been loyal to a single person this entire game, as far as I can tell or at least not for very long. They’re the ultimate floaters, sliding up to the person that happens to be in charge that week and then moving on to the next person when the power shifts. I find them very hypocritical, which doesn’t fly with me. Here’s hoping they’ll be the next ones on their way to the jury house.

What did you think of this episode? Whose side are you on? Do you think the brothers went a little too far with their arguing with the others? And who do you think will ultimately be sent packing? Let me know! And we’ll see you next time!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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  1. Another great episode. Kelsey wins and keeps it exciting. She made the right move. I agree with you about Joel and Freaks. Tim blew their cover, to avoid suspicions and paranoia, but Joel is hurt most gamewise. Like you, I think he needs to win PoV big time. I want to see bros gone too. For me, I thought Nick handled anger well, and calmly ripped his bro a new one 😉 With her win and noms this week, Kelsey should earn more jury votes, especially if a Threaker goes home. I hope not though.

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    • If I were Joel, I’d be PISSED at Tim for blowing their cover. He just drew unnecessary attention on themselves. Stupid. I just hope Joel wins PoV, because I don’t want to see any of them go home. I don’t even know who I’d want to go home if it has to be one of the Threaks. Tim and Cass are playing great games, and I just love Joel. I definitely like Nick more than Phil, but they were both full of themselves, and that’s just annoying. lol. If they win, I’m not going to be happy.

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