Saturday Soundtracks – Once Upon A Time In The West

Once Upon a Time in the West was a western film from 1972 featuring men both good and evil, a movie about freedom and revenge, duplicity and truth and all of it expertly directed by the legendary Sergio Leone. Helping to make the film a success was master composer Ennio Morricone, a man no stranger to westerns or to film in general.  The opening notes of the first track are unassuming; at least until you get a little further into it and it is then that you realize you are in for one very amazing ride.  Like other soundtracks composed by Morricone for the western genre, it captures that big empty loneliness of the western frontier, it feels vast though beautiful and a little frightening, but comforting too.  The man also uses his music to help accentuate the characters of the movie which you can hear during certain tracks like Man With a Harmonica or The Man.  Altogether, the soundtrack creates a portrait, which all good soundtracks do if done right.  If you like westerns, Morricone or simply good music in general, Once Upon a Time in the West is a great listen.


1. Once Upon A Time In The West – 0:00
2. As A Judgment – 3:44
3. Farewell To Cheyenne – 6:52
4. The Transgression – 9:32
5. The First Tavern – 14:15
6. The Second Tavern – 15:55
7. Man With A Harmonica – 17:29
8. A Dimly Lit Room – 21:00
9. Bad Orchestra – 26:09
10. The Man – 28:34
11. Jill’s America – 29:38
12. Death Rattle – 32:26
13. Finale – 34:11

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