A Repeat Performance – Puppet Master 8: The Legacy (2003)

Puppet Master 8-1
If you have seen the first seven movies in the Puppet Master franchise, then you really have no reason to watch this film as it is simply a clip show taking pieces of those very pictures and putting them in some kind of order. Puppet Master 8-3Some of it is nice to see again, especially if you had not seen any of those movies in quite some time, but it is all a bit redundant nonetheless and for those looking for something new, while there is a bare thread of material to tie it all together, will be in for a disappointment.

So barring anything new, you get a ton of scenes with Toulon, young and old, and all the other stuff you either loved or hated including Sutekh, the totems and the retro puppets. Watching this film, you can see that it was merely an exercise in how to cash in by Full Moon without shelling out for original content. Financially sensible and good for the studio -yes, but exasperating for the viewer. Skip it.

1 out of 5
Puppet Master 8-2a

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