Big Brother Canada Season 4 Ep.21 – The Adventures of the Brothers Pax

bbcan21Well, another week, another wild card. This one wasn’t a big one, but it’s definitely shaken the house up as Canada was given the opportunity to vote for the next HoH. There would then be a game of chance between the top two house guests, and the winner would be HoH for the week. As we know, it was between Nikki and the brothers, and after a little roulette, the brothers won, which was not good news for a few people. Among the most worried are Jared and Kelsey, because the brothers have played their game very quietly so far. They’ve been flying under the radar, and they’ve been successful at not giving away too many of their own opinions about other players. So now that they’re HoH, no one really knows how they’re going to use that power.

Tim seems to think it’s great that the boys are now in charge. Being HoH means they can’t fly under the radar anymore. They have to make a move, and no matter what they do, there will be consequences. The problem is, there are two showmances in the house, and both are powerful. So which one do they target? Maddy and Ramsey, of course, want the boys to go after Jared and Kelsey. Raul had told them that Jared wanted to go after the brothers, so they should probably strike first. This is something that I definitely agree with, and not only because I like Jared less and less every time that I see him. This declaration came directly from Cerberus’s third head, so it’s most likely true. If you know someone is coming after you, get to them first.

The problem is that just about everyone else in the house wants the boys to go after Maddy and Ramsey instead, and they’re all pressuring Phil and Nick to target these two. And the boys don’t want to ruffle any feathers, so doing what the house wants them to do is very appealing. Plus, Maddy is a force to be reckoned with as well, so they’d still be making a big move. Their guts seem to tell them to go after Jared, but they don’t want to anger the whole house.

In our usual, lighter segment of the show, we get to see the house guests teaching Tim and Nikki about Canada. There will be a quiz later, and if they get seven out of ten questions right, they’ll win a Canadian prize. They only have fifteen minutes to impart knowledge, and then it’s quiz time, and I have to say, they do really well. Only two questions wrong, so the house guests get their poutine and beer!

Next up is the Have Not competition, titled Stay in Charge. The house guests are split up into two teams (Joel, Kelsey, Cassandra and Tim vs Jared, Nikki, Maddy and Ramsey) and have to balance on a hover board. If either end of the hover board touches the ground, they lose power. Once they get low, they can throw balls into a bin to get more power, but once the power is gone, they’re out. The team that loses all their power first are this week’s Have-Nots. On top of this, the individual that lasts the longest will win the Never Not pass, which means he or she will never be a Have Not again.

This game seems easy for a few people and impossible for others. Nikki and Joel are out almost immediately, and then the rest of Joel’s team starts to fumble, especially when they have to move to a more difficult stance. Before long, Tim is the only one left for his team, and though he makes a valiant effort, he just can’t hold it together for his team. So Tim, Kelsey, and Cassandra are the Have Nots this week (Joel was spared because he’s been on slop so many times now). So now it’s down to the Never Not pass, and the only two people left are Maddy and Jared. This seems fitting, since these two are apparently the biggest threats in the house. They both do really well, but Jared emerges the winner. Great. Already a physical threat, and now he’ll never be Have Not either.

Now back to the game at hand. There really doesn’t seem to be any love between Jared and the brothers. Jared complains that he’s tried to talk game with them, but they just won’t give anything away. And the brothers complain that Jared never talks game with them. I can see both points of view, but in this case, I actually side with Jared. We’ve seen people trying to talk to the brothers about their game, and the boys just clam up and refuse to give anything away. So that discourages anyone from talking game with them, because what’s the point when the boys won’t give them anything? As a result, no one talks game with them. The animosity between these two camps is surprising though. Jared refuses to talk to the boys, so Kelsey tries to do it for him, and it doesn’t get her anywhere. She tries to get their focus off of Jared, but they aren’t taking any of her crap. They remind her that even though she’s close with Jared, they aren’t. They say Jared doesn’t talk to them because he’s too busy with her. Also, at one point, they tell her she’s not a threat in the game, so she wouldn’t be their target. I’m sure they meant this to be reassuring, but it doesn’t come off that way. It offends Kelsey, which just makes the situation worse. They argue for a few more minutes before she walks out and goes back to Jared and tells him to talk to them.

This turns into a whole, surprising conversation about how these two really feel about the brothers. Jared doesn’t want to talk to them because he thinks they’re stupid, and because they won’t talk game with him, but he won’t talk game with them either, so he’s no better than them. And he clearly has no respect for the fact that they’re HoH, because they didn’t earn it. I think he’s being a little too judgmental. They were given the HoH, which, okay, is kind of true, but just because they didn’t win a physical competition, I’d say they still earned it, because Canada liked them enough to give it to them. They earned it from us. I wonder if Jared is just angry that he wasn’t the favourite himself. Either way, he’s acting really childish at the moment, refusing to talk to the brothers for this or that reason. He actually looks like a child, pouting when he doesn’t get what he wants. And the thing that really gets me is the fact that he feels this way about them even after they saved him from the block all those weeks ago. This, once again, just points to the fact that he’s probably used to getting what he wants. Someone pulling him off the block doesn’t faze him, because he expects someone to save him. Now, I don’t know if this is true, but to me, it sure feels that way. He’s shown time and time again that he doesn’t take it well when he doesn’t get his way.

So Jared is doing what he does best – sulking, and lamenting the fact that people aren’t falling all over themselves to help him, when finally, Kelsey decides she’s had enough. She calls him on his crap and tells him to be a man and talk to the brothers. She tells him to suck up to them, make a deal, and then they can back door them next week. This, I think, shows just what kind of person Kelsey is. She’s absolutely willing to take the low road to get what she wants. It’s not a flattering look on her, and it makes me want her out of the house even more. But even this slap in the face she gives him doesn’t drive him to action. He absolutely refuses to talk to the brothers. But he has no problem letting Tim do the talking for him. I’m still not sure why Tim wants to take Jared and Kelsey’s side – unless it’s because of Cassandra – but he basically suggests to the brothers that they work with Jared instead of against him.

So now the brothers have to decide what to do. They seem to want to go after Jared, because they don’t trust him, especially after he turned his back on them after they saved him from the block. But just about the entire house wants them to go after Maddy and Ramsey. So who wins out? Well, I guess it’s more important for them to be liked in the house, because they nominate Maddy and Ramsey. Maddy is all fired up now, determined to win the PoV and then turn around and get her revenge next week. I think this shows her true colours too. If you piss her off in any way, she’ll come after you. This is also not attractive. No wonder all the girls have been voted out already, with Maddy and Kelsey in the house.

So that’s it for now. Who do you think will win the veto? I’d like to see Ramsey win, but I have no idea who the brothers would put up in his place. I’d like to hope it’d be Jared, but I doubt that would happen. Most likely, they’d put a pawn up against Maddy in that case, and I’m okay with that, as long as she’s the one to go home. I don’t want someone like Joel or Nikki to go home yet. I guess we’ll find out what happens soon enough! See you on Wednesday!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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  1. I love reading your reviews before the new episode airs. You’re so detailed. Awesome! Maddy looks to be gone. The bros made the right choice… to stay in the middle 😉 Kelsey actually had some good advice for once, when she told Jared to man up. Cassandra remains the Wizard of Oz, in power behind the curtain. I don’t know if you caught any After Dark, but someone was missing… as in gone. No spoilers here, but I wonder what happened and how it will impact game. I’m super excited to watch tonight’s episode. Who are you going for to win? I’m still Tim, but I’m liking Joel more and more. Meanwhile, Cass is winning me over with strategy… and her goofball side 😉 Catch ya later, Rebecca. Excellent review!

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    • Aww, well thank you! I think it was great when Kelsey told Jared to man up. He’s been a giant baby for far too long–someone had to knock that out of him. Maybe things will change a little now. I think I want Joel to win, though Cass is quickly becoming someone I admire. She has the right to gloat about her moves, unlike the brothers, because she’s playing smart and manipulating everyone with such ease. I love Tim, and I want him to come in second, but I still want a Canadian to win.

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      • Cassandra is really impressing me too lately. She’s been making some big moves! Her strategic gameplay is impressive. Go Tim! Although, if I’m sticking to Canada I’d have to say Joel, although Cass is movin on up 😉


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