Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – New Indie Folk; April 2016

Starting with the amazing Old Sea Brigade, this mix turns out to be a fantastic listen which is exactly what you want, especially if you are not familiar with any of the artists.  Enjoyable in every way that counts.


00:00 Old Sea Brigade – Better Days
03:46 The Tide Rose – Come Home
06:25 Rivvrs – Surrender
09:43 Simen Mitlid – Vacation
13:02 Joshua Hyslop – The Flood
17:25 Firewoodisland – All In Line
20:33 Novo Amor & Ed Tullett – Alps
23:48 August and After – Wolves
28:05 Timo Brandt – Close To Life
33:10 Vincent Colbert – Landslide
36:39 Lowpines – That Bridge Washed Away In The Storm
41:20 Benjamin Longman – Steady
46:02 Rivvrs – Gnome Home
49:30 Ralston Hartness – Mountain (Take Me In)
52:33 Richard Walters – Young Folks

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