Big Brother Canada Season 4 Ep.20 – Cerberus Loses a Head

Is anyone else getting a sense of deja vu here right now? We were just here a couple weeks ago, and now we’re back here again, about to vote one of these people out. Again. But things are different this time. Last time, Kelsey and Raul refused to campaign against each other, but this time, Raul knows that he’s got to fight to stay in the game. The time for friends is over. Now it’s time to win. Kelsey, on the other hand, doesn’t need to campaign against Raul, as she’s got Cassandra to do it for her, thus making Kelsey look like the saint for preferring friendship over game and Raul look like a petty child for choosing money over friendship. This is already not looking good for Raul and the fact that Kelsey calmly accepts the fact that Raul is going to play kind of makes him look worse.

But, what does he have to lose? If he doesn’t fight, he’ll be out the door, since things have shifted since some of the stronger, more knowledgeable people have been evicted. A lot of people seem to be on team Jared/Kelsey for some reason, so Raul has reason to worry.

The first person Raul talks to is Phil, and he lets him know that he’s breaking off from Jared and Kelsey. He also informs Phil that Tim and Cassandra will work with Jared and Kelsey, and that they’ll come after the brothers if Kelsey remains in the house. If they want to stay in the house, their best bet is to keep Raul and oust Kelsey. Now, I know that Cassandra is working with Kelsey, but I’m not aware of Tim’s intentions, so I don’t know if what Raul says is actually true, but I definitely agree that Kelsey needs to go. What I can’t believe is that Raul didn’t bring up the fact that Kelsey and Jared are a package deal. They might not be as strong as they would be with Raul there as the third, but they’re still a showmance. Anytime one is on the block and the other isn’t, they’ll have an extra vote in their favour. That’s dangerous, especially as more and more people leave the house.

Now Jared happens to be in the vicinity when Raul and Phil leave the pantry, and he’s immediately suspicious so he pulls Raul and Kelsey into a room to confront Raul and Raul tells him the truth – he’s got to campaign against them. This sends Jared over the edge. He can’t believe that Raul would have the gall to turn against them when they’ve been together for so long. Um, hello! If he doesn’t campaign, he’s going to go home! What, is he just supposed to sacrifice himself so that you and Kelsey can play house a little longer, Jared? Is he supposed to just give up on $100 000 because you want your girlfriend to stay? Ridiculous. Once again, Jared’s attitude leaves a lot to be desired.

bbcan20We’ve always got to have a lighter moment in the show, and tonight’s revolves around the memes that we’ve been making on the BigBrotherCanada site for the past few weeks. The house guests are shown a few of our favourites, and then they’re tasked with creating one themselves. The best one will earn the creator a $1000 gift card from the Brick. And who should win, Tim, with a crack at the brothers’ intelligence?

So Cassandra has been working to save Kelsey over the past few days, but now Kelsey undoes almost all of Cass’s work when she gets into an argument with the brothers, the main people in the house they want to sway. I don’t even know how it started, but it quickly turns into an argument about Kelsey’s trustworthiness, since she’d promised final four to Maddy and Ramsey. Or she didn’t, depending on who you ask. Either way, Phil isn’t impressed with her excuses, and I wonder if this is what it’s going to take to send her out the door. She can’t be trusted now, since all of that stuff came out last week and is now just another reason to boot her out.

Raul doesn’t really make things any easier for himself either though. He talks to Ramsey, Maddy, the brothers and Joel in the HoH room about saving him instead of Kelsey, but he calls them all floaters and underdogs, and then goes on to explain what makes them all floaters. It’s a little rude, but unsurprising coming from Raul. Yeah, he’s a typical popular kid, sort of insulting the nerds but not realizing that what he’s saying is insulting. The look on Maddy’s face as he speaks is kind of priceless. She definitely feels the same way I do, listening to him going on and on. Even the way he promises to work with them is kind of condescending, as if they couldn’t get anywhere without him, and as if they should be grateful that he’s deigning to slum it among the peasants.

Well, not surprisingly, Raul is sent to the jury house with a vote of 6-1. I can’t say I’m too upset about it. I liked him better than Kelsey, but only just. The house guests are going to have to come up with some other way to get their drama fix. Thankfully, Nikki’s still in the house. And Jared.

Speaking of Nikki, this week on the website, we were all given an opportunity to vote for who we want to be HoH this week, and Nikki and the Brothers got the top votes. I’m surprised by this. I thought for sure that Joel was going to get one of the spots. In order to determine who will be the next HoH, the other house guests have to roll a ball down a track into the roulette wheel. Each number has been covered up by either a picture of Nikki or the brothers, and a point goes to the person whose picture the ball lands on. Most of the house guests go, and before long, we’ve got our new HoH—the brothers! This is a little scary, since I think they’re going to do what they can to work with Jared, which means bye-bye Maddy. I don’t mind that because I can’t stand her, but Kelsey and Jared are going to be tough to beat, and the longer they wait to get rid of them, the harder it’ll be to do it.

So that’s it for now. I definitely think it was the wrong move to get rid of Raul. He’s annoying, and probably not super trustworthy, but he’s still a better bet than Kelsey. She’s the glue that keeps the boys together, and without her, they’d fall apart. Plus, Kelsey and Jared could be a strong force to reckon with, and if they make it to power before someone boots them out, the brothers will definitely have something to worry about. Numerous people have told them that Jared would go after them, and that seems even more obvious after Jared’s meltdown about her kissing Nick, but they never seem to believe them. It’ll blow up in their faces if they don’t go after the showmance this week. I am excited to see what they’ll do with their power though. They’ve been playing their game pretty close to their chests this whole time, so I really don’t know who they’re going to target. It’ll be an interesting nomination ceremony though, I think.

Who do you think they’ll nominate? Who do you think they should nominate? They were fortunate to win HoH this week, because I’m pretty sure they’d have been the targets of more than one person in the house now that Cerberus only has two heads. Let me know your thoughts! And we’ll see you next time!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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  1. Raul definitely acted strange. I think his plea sealed his fate. It was like a threat. I thought it was cool Canada picked HoH candidates. This forces the HoH to pick a side and draw a line in the sand. This should get interesting fast. Maddy has made some strong moves so the housemates need to keep their eyes peeled. It’s been a good season so far.

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