Big Brother Canada Season 4 Ep.19 – The Outcasts Fight Back

bbcan19Sometimes I really feel like I’m right back in high school again when I watch this show. You’ve got the popular kids on one side acting all entitled, and you’ve got the outcasts on the other side, getting more and more disgruntled as the days pass. And when the outcasts say or do something against the popular kids, the cool kids act all affronted, as if they can’t understand why everyone wouldn’t want to cater to their every whim.

Okay, so maybe I’m projecting a little bit, but I do think that Cerberus does have a bit of a superiority complex. Kelsey thinks Maddy nominated her because she’s jealous of her. She can’t grasp the fact that maybe Maddy just doesn’t like her for actual good reasons, like, oh, I don’t know, the fact that Kelsey is clearly the head of this alliance and one half of the showmance. And Jared is disappointed that Maddy put him up on the block after she told him he’d be good. I’m getting really tired of his passive-aggressive disappointment lectures. Every time someone targets him or his alliance, he treats them as if they’re horrible people, while he himself is a saint. Look at the way he went off on Loveita when Joel nominated his alliance members.

I’m not even remotely a Maddy fan, and I thought her move to get rid of Loveita was absolute garbage, but this week, I do think she’s playing strategically. Her target is Kelsey because she’s the main part of the alliance (and because she’s a mean girl), so she nominates her and Jared so that there will be one less vote for Kelsey when the time comes. Plus, if she’d nominated Raul instead and Jared won the Veto, she’d have to put up someone else against Raul since Kelsey and Jared would be safe. I think she made the best move here, since Jared is the most likely of the three to win the veto (hint hint).

Most of the house is happy that Maddy did what she did. Tim and Nikki full out congratulate her on her move. They both think she’s made the biggest move of the season so far, and that took guts, which is probably true. If she can’t get one of the three out this week, she’ll be in trouble, so she did take a risk. Cassandra tries to suck up to her too and tells her they should work together, and it can’t get more fake than that. I can’t imagine Maddy believes a word out of her mouth, but who knows and Ramsey is in a tough place right now. He’s publicly with Maddy but secretly with Jared, and he doesn’t want either of his allies to go home. And this nomination has put him in a bit of a sticky situation with Jared, who seems to be angry with him for not being able to control his woman. Ramsey tries to tell him it was all Maddy – which is true, since he’d wanted her to go after Cassandra – but Jared doesn’t seem to believe what Ramsey is selling. Example number two of Jared’s crappy attitude.

The PoV challenge is called Six Blind Mice, and the players (including Nikki, Raul and Cassandra) have to crawl around a little maze while blindfolded, find the four separate emblems hidden in each corner of the maze, and then crawl back to the centre to hit the buzzer. The first person to do so wins. They’re allowed to communicate with each other to help each other along, which is not good news for Cassandra, Maddy or Nikki. It has become fun watching them bumble around, bumping into the walls as they try to feel their way around, but it’s less fun when Jared, Kelsey and Raul all start to pull ahead. It’s absolutely imperative that Raul doesn’t win, because he’ll take Kelsey off the block, and he comes close, but for some reason, he doesn’t want to win. Instead, he helps Jared win by sitting in the middle of the maze and calling to him once Jared has found his fourth emblem. Tim is baffled, and so am I. I get that he and Kelsey want Jared to stay in the game, and he definitely won’t win this week if he’s on the block, but by helping him win, Raul is surely dooming himself. Doesn’t he see this?

Apparently he does not because he brings Jared the win. Moron. Maddy isn’t sure who she’s going to put up though. On the one hand, she could put up Raul, which would ensure that one of the big three would go home. But her true target is Kelsey, and putting Raul up next to her could get him sent home instead. On the other hand, she could put up Joel as a pawn, and Kelsey would be more likely to be sent out the door. The problem with this route is that she and Ramsey want to work with Joel, and putting him up even as a pawn could jeopardize that.

Other people have ideas too. Cassandra wants Kelsey to stay and knows that that’ll only happen if she’s up against Raul, so she hatches a plan to distance herself from Kelsey and suck up to Maddy to get Maddy to nominate Raul. She’s pretty convincing with Maddy, who seems to eat it all up. Meanwhile, Raul goes to Maddy and promises to vote out Kelsey if Maddy doesn’t put him up. When she asks him why he wants his best friend gone, he gives her some answer about not wanting the showmance in the house anymore. Really, it’s just because he’s sure that if he’s up against Kelsey, he’ll be the one to go, not her.

Maddy gives it all some thought, but ultimately, she doesn’t trust Raul to actually vote Kelsey out of the house, so he goes up on the block next to her. And no one is surprised. I really do hope that Kelsey goes out the door, and I think she will. I do think it’d be in everyone’s best interests to get rid of Kelsey over Raul, since Jared and Raul kind of fall apart without her, and Ramsey and the brothers have all expressed interest in working with him. They’ll want her out of the way, so that they can move into her territory.

I honestly don’t understand the appeal of Jared anymore though. Everyone says he’s a beast in challenges, but really, he’s not. He’s won two challenges so far this season, the same number as Maddy. That doesn’t make him a beast. Plus his passive-aggressive, childish approach to things really drives me nuts. At one point, they’re all playing spin the bottle, and you can see him getting a little bent out of shape when Maddy kisses Kelsey. But when Kelsey has to kiss Nick? He can’t handle it. He gets all angry and jealous and goes outside to sulk. He’s always been especially jealous of the brothers because of the way she flirts with them, but this is a little ridiculous. This was a game, as Kelsey tries to explain to him. It doesn’t mean anything. She doesn’t apologize to him (nor do I think she needs to), and he doesn’t back down either. It definitely feels as if he’s trying to make her feel guilty for the stupid kiss, but all it does is make her angry, enough so that she has to walk away from the conversation. Jealous Jared is not hot.

So that’s pretty much it. I believe Kelsey will leave tomorrow, as I think her only votes to stay will be from Jared, Cassandra, and Nikki, but I could be wrong. I have no idea what Joel or Tim will do. It’ll be interesting to see which one manages to stay. Either way, Cerberus is going down!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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  1. I gotta give it to Maddy for getting rid of power strategist Loveita and 1 of 3 hydra heads. It will help with jury if she makes finals. Mice was a fun comp. Looks like Raul played with heart and loyalty to alliance. He proved his worth at own risk. I agree, Jared deffo got more upset than warranted. It was a harmless game. I think he’s worried what will happen after show, since jealous type.It seems like showmance is real. I wonder what you’ll think of Wild Card?

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