Issue by Issue – Skull the Slayer #3

SkulltheSlayer3Writer – Marv Wolfman
Artist – Steve Gan
Inker – Pablo Marcus, Steve Gan
Colours – Michele Wolfman
Letters – Irv Watanabe

Marv Wolfman continues his tale of Jim Scully in a lost land, the man finding himself at home here more than he ever did after coming home from the war. Skull wrestles with dinosaurs, whether for food or for sport and he has found a joy within himself he thought lost forever. Living vicariously through Skull is Ann and Jeff who are also having a great time. Sure, they want to go home, but as long as they are here, why not have a little fun? The last of the lot is Corey, who is not having a good time and cannot understand why everyone is not focused upon getting back to their own time instead of just fooling around. So while we see a little of the same from the past couple of issues, Wolfman does indeed take our heroes on an adventure as they discover a strange tower and within it, they find it is hollowed out with hundreds of floors and all of them featuring a different time period. There are cavemen and Romans and Arthurian knights to be seen and everyone is both in awe and hopeful that perhaps, there might be some way to get themselves home. Corey is especially excited for he has had not just enough of this crazy, prehistoric time, but of Skull and he soon takes matters into his own hands to get home. The introduction of this time-tower is a very novel idea, something you would be hard-pressed to think of seeing in any other comic and it puts a new spin on time-travel. A number of questions are raised by the tower’s presence such as who erected it and will it even lead the group back to their own time. For all they know, they could be in an alternate dimension and the home they may end up at could be very different from the one they left. Wolfman does a great job of fleshing out the characters in the book and Steve Gan does a great job of putting it all down on paper with some very exciting scenes present throughout. By the end of the book, Skull and his companions find themselves in a different, yet similar predicament and it should be a lot of fun to see where it heads next.

3.5 out of 5

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