Big Brother Canada Season 4 Ep.17 – The Showdown

bbcan17I don’t know about you, but all day, I’ve been wondering how the hell Mitch would get out of the mess he got himself into at the Veto Ceremony. Hello! He made enemies of the only real alliance in the house! A full third of the house now hates him! And it’s clear that just about everyone else in the house feels the same way I do. Everyone is reeling. Joel is grateful, as he feels that Mitch did him a favour by declaring war on Cerberus (as they shall be called from here on out. Just because. Or maybe Fluffy). Tim is turned on by Mitch’s declaration, which doesn’t surprise me. Any kind of excitement and chaos is his thing.

Raul, on the other hand, is ANGRY. You can see him practically vibrating with fury at Mitch’s speech. He feels dumb for ever giving Mitch his friendship, and he feels completely betrayed by him. But Mitch has a plan and it is definitely not one that will be good for his former friends/ sort of alliance members though. His plan was to make Cerberus completely angry with him, especially Raul, who is already an emotional person. He figures if the rest of the house can see that there’s a big rivalry between him and Fluffy, he can convince them to keep him so that they’ll basically be protected. As long as he’s in the house, he’ll be Cerberus’s target. Once he’s gone, everyone else is fair game.

At one point, Raul confronts Mitch (after being told by Jared and Kelsey to just keep his distance – I think I see a pattern here), and through the whole thing, Mitch is completely unruffled. The dude is a machine or at least a great actor. Wow, I’d be crumbling under the wrath of Raul, but that might be saying more about me than about Mitch. I don’t know if I’m impressed or scared by Mitch’s performance.

Meanwhile, we finally get to see a few of the complaints from the Complaint Cupboard! We all knew that this thing could come back to bite these guys in the ass, and now it has, for a few of them anyway. Joel gets to wear a spandex superhero suit as Backward Man and has to walk backward all day. It’s interesting seeing him trying to climb the stairs backwards. Cassandra wanted more TV time, and Tim wanted to watch TV, so a loop of Cassandra moments plays all day, which drives just about everyone nuts, except for the brothers, who spend a great deal of time trying to mimic everything they see on the screen. It’s kind of cute. And Tim is tired of Nick’s snoring, so Nick has to stay awake all night, and Tim has to make sure he stays awake. Their time together is kind of precious. I don’t know how they do it. I’d be dead on my feet by 4am, but there they are, outside and standing on the counter as the sun rises. It’s kind of perfect.

Before he goes, Mitch decides to have a meeting with everyone in the house except for Cerberus and Joel. He goes on about how after he’s gone; Cerberus will be ten times as likely to win as any of the others. He spouts off all sorts of percentages and probabilities, and everything sounds so legit, I’m surprised when he tells us he was just making it all up. This guy is good! I have the feeling he could tell me anything, and I’d believe it. Can he be my best friend? Please?

So he seems to have convinced some people to keep him around, which has Jared a little scared. He knows just how smart and convincing Mitch can be, so he needs him out, like now. And some of the others aren’t sure if they should keep him either. Jared tells Phil something about Mitch trying to mastermind a plan to backdoor the brothers – I can’t remember if that’s actually true, or if he’s just making it up, but Phil buys it. To counter, Mitch tries to appeal to Phil, promising himself and Nikki to them, swearing they’ll always be in their corner. To me, it seems like a good plan, as that would make them another alliance of 3 (soon to be 4, probably), but Phil doesn’t seem to completely buy it. Tim isn’t sure either, and he confides to Joel that though Mitch’s plan is a good one, he’s not sure that they actually need Mitch to take down Cerberus. They can get the three-headed monster themselves. Maddy and Ramsey, on the other hand, seem to be team Mitch. Maddy tells Joel that they know where Mitch stands, but they don’t know who Joel will go after if he ever gets back into power. Also, apparently Loveita had told Maddy at one point that Joel had been considering putting Maddy up when he was HoH? I don’t remember that either, but then, I’m getting old. My memory isn’t what it used to be.

In one last ditch effort to save himself, Mitch decides to get everything out into the open. After all, Kelsey and her cohorts called him out on all of his lies, so now he’s decided to do the same thing to them. Phil seems to think he and Nick are basically a fourth in the Cerberus alliance, but Mitch has heard that Jared and Kelsey have made a deal with Maddy and Ramsey, a fact that he freely shares with Phil now. Kelsey joins them, and Phil comes right out and asks her. The look on her face as she tries to lie her way out of this mess is pretty priceless. She admits that she’d made a deal with them to not put them up this week, and when Mitch asks her point blank who her target will be next week, she fumbles around a little before admitting that Maddy and Ramsey will be her targets. So Mitch decides to let the lucky new targets know about all of this. The conversation is a giant mess, with Kelsey trying to pull her foot out of her mouth and save face while Jared hides in another room and listens in (what a prince, guys). Maddy and Ramsey insist that Jared and Kelsey had solidified a deal with them, and Kelsey, unable to talk herself out of it, basically just runs away. It looks good on her.

So now we get to the vote, and though Mitch really tries his hardest to stay in the house, he’s out with a vote of 5-3. But, he won’t be going home! He’ll be the first member of the jury, which hopefully will mean he’ll also have a chance to come back into the house. Yay! After informing them that any of the trio making it to the end will have his vote, he leaves with his head held high, though he almost starts crying when he sees his boyfriend Gregory. Gregory is bawling, and it just makes me want to reach through my TV and hug him. I love these two. Mitch basically apologizes to the audience if he’d offended anyone with his attack on Cerberus. He’d meant it to be offensive to the trio themselves, as everyone had to realize that this was a true rivalry, and that there would be no doubt that he’d target them if he could stay in the house.

So off he goes to the jury house, and the house guests get ready for their new HoH challenge, titled Before or After. Predictably, the house guests will be given a moment in the house this season, and they’ll have to guess whether that moment came before or after another moment described. If they get a question wrong, they’re out, and the last one standing wins. Unfortunately for us, they barely get into the competition at all before the show is over, so once again, we’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out who wins. All we know is that HoH will not be Phil or Ramsey, as they’re the first two out.

So what did you think of the episode? Did you agree with Mitch’s strategy of declaring war on Cerberus? Or do you think he made a mistake in putting his game out there for everyone to see? I honestly don’t know the answer to that question. I do know that I will be gutted if either Kelsey or Jared wins this next HoH. I want them out more than ever now. If the other house guests don’t team up against them, they’re all screwed. Mitch was right about that part. He may have been making up the percentages, but the underlying problem is legit. They need to go, or else everyone else will be picked off, one by one.

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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  1. It’s getting down to it. Mitch had me fooled too, but I wasn’t as aroused as Tim 😉 I thought it was funy how Maddy thought Joel was gunning for her. He should have emphasized he’s the one who chopped off 1 of Cerebrus’ heads. Great nickname by the way. I think they’re in trouble too. I hope Joel aligns with Tim, while I don’t love Cassandra they could work with her and Nikki. Too bad Mitch left, he created excitement. Little did he know, Jared was close to using veto. Maybe if his speech was friendly he’d still be in the game. I’m looking forward to Sunday and your next review 🙂

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