Big Brother Canada Season 4 Ep.15 – The Return of Cerberus

bbcan15I have to say – this weekend I was glad I wasn’t a feed watcher, because being a feed watcher and not able to watch feeds probably would have killed me. How was it for you guys? Were you dying to know who got back into the house?

Well, as soon as we catch up with the house guests again, they immediately start debating who they should bring back into the house. I think it would’ve been a much more interesting idea to let the public vote for their favourite come-back girl, as I think it would’ve been a lot less predictable that way. Of course Kelsey was going to be the one to come back! There was no way that Jared or Raul or Cassandra would ever agree to let Loveita come back, and I believe that the rest of the house guests just gave them what they wanted. And by doing that, I also think most of them basically threw away their own game. Joel even mentions to us that Kelsey is only a number for Jared and Raul, but yet he didn’t stand up for himself. I get that he probably didn’t want to stick his head out so far that he’d become a target, but come on guys. Ramsey should’ve said something too. I’m disappointed in these guys.

During negotiations, Jared makes two comments that are complete crap. First, he says that Loveita is harder to beat because she’s won challenges already and that they had to back door her to get her out. No. They had the perfect chance to get rid of her in week two, and they chose not to. She was right up there on the block, and they chose to boot Sharry out instead. And secondly, Tim mentions the unbreakable bond between Kelsey and her boys and asks if that still exists, and Jared says that the people who were of the opinion that there was an unbreakable bond (meaning Loveita and Dallas) are no longer in the house. Again, no Jared. Kelsey even mentioned the bond in her plea to come back into the house. It really bothers me that he talks about Loveita, and later, Mitch, being manipulative when he is clearly being manipulative when he says these things. He’s so quick to judge others, but really, he’s kind of a hypocrite.

So the house guests give the boys what they want, and Kelsey comes back into the house. She immediately kind of bashes Loveita a little bit, mentioning that the first few days were hell, but then she doesn’t go on to talk about how the two had bonded afterward. I’m not sure what good it does to keep that secret, but whatever. Loveita has spent the past week grooming Kelsey for the game, so now she’s ready to play a lot more strategically than the last time she was in the house. But that immediately goes out the door the moment she tells Raul about Mitch two-timing them. See, Mitch and Raul have gotten really close to each other over the past week, so when Kelsey drops her bomb, Raul goes into a total tailspin. He’s angry and hurt, but more than that, he just wants answers. Kelsey and Jared both tell him to keep his mouth shut, but he doesn’t listen. He immediately goes to Mitch and tells him what was said. Kelsey marches in and basically shuts the whole conversation down by incessantly hissing at him to shut up.

And she’s not the only one to lay into him. Jared gets Raul alone in the kitchen and yells at him for several minutes for ruining their game, even succeeding in making Raul cry. Now, I’m not a huge Raul fan, as I don’t particularly like mean girls, but I felt really bad for him in this moment. He’d definitely made a mistake in talking to Mitch, but he doesn’t deserve to be berated that way. Up until this moment, I really liked Jared, but this argument really showed his ugly side. Raul gets in a similar argument with Kelsey, which ends up with both of them shutting each other out. Maybe this is the end of the unbreakable bond?

The HoH challenge has a Greek theme to it. There are three different tasks to perform with a few people performing each task, and the last person standing will become HoH. A third of the houseguests have to hold the Sword of Damocles on their heads by balancing it between their heads and the ceiling. Another third have to play Atlas and balance the world on a platform, and the last third have to inhabit the spirit of Sisyphus by pressing a button on a boulder while walking/running on a treadmill. From the get go, the easiest task seems to be the treadmill, since it’s basically just walking. The other two tasks require a lot of balance and focus. And not surprisingly, the first several people out are ones doing the Atlas and Damocles tasks. In fact, all the Damocles people are out before the challenge even gets the chance to kick it up a notch. For Nikki and Raul, the platforms they’re standing on begin to spin, making it harder to balance their earth. Nikki almost immediately drops her sphere. And for Jared, Mitch and Nick, their treadmills speed up so that they’re all running. All that sweating makes their hands slippery on the button, and Jared and Mitch both lose out. So it’s down to Nick and Raul. Nick puts up a really great effort, but no one can even come close to Raul. He’s steady as a rock.

So Raul wins HoH, which has some people really feeling nervous. Joel had put Raul and Kelsey up, so he’s pretty sure that he’ll be nominated this week. And Mitch knows his cover has been blown, so he’s in trouble. While Nikki and Maddy trash talk Kelsey, Kelsey schools Raul in all things Mitch. There really isn’t anything that Mitch can do at this point to brush things off, so his only hope is to ask Joel to vouch for him if the big three come to him with questions about his time as HoH, as Kelsey tells her boys that it was Mitch’s idea, not Joel’s, to put them up when Joel was HoH. Joel isn’t sure what he’ll do if they do ask him. He and Mitch are sort of working together, but he doesn’t want to take a bullet for someone else’s game. I don’t blame him. With this kind of money on the line, protecting someone else at your own expense probably isn’t the best idea.

It’s not a shock when Raul nominates Joel and Mitch. They’d known it was going to happen too. This makes me a sad panda, as Mitch and Joel are my two favourites in the house, besides Tim. I want either Mitch or Joel to win, but at this point, I’m not sure that’s going to happen. Tim doesn’t think that Joel is the target, and that’s definitely true. Mitch is for sure the target this week, so unless he can take himself off the block or pull some extremely rare magic out from somewhere, he’ll be the one to go home.

I’m really disappointed by this turn of events. Not only is Kelsey back in the game, but her boy is in charge. At this point, they might as well just hand the game to one of these three. The house has resurrected the three-headed monster or Cerberus if you will, and they’ll only have themselves to blame when they’re picked off, one by one. I honestly don’t know what they were thinking when they all agreed to bring Kelsey back. It was definitely the wrong decision for everyone except Raul and Jared. Maddy fighting for Kelsey, I get because she’s an idiot and thinks she’s way more important than she actually is. Everyone else though? Screwed.

What did you think of the episode? Is there any way for Mitch to save himself? If he gets himself off the block, who do you think will go up in his place? Let me know what you think! And I’ll see you on Wednesday!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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  1. This was so exciting. I wish Loveita came back. Raul definitely lost his cool. Mitch got it the worst. He was under the radar… not any more. How this unfolds was even more exciting. Another great review, Rebecca. Onto the next one 🙂

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