Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Fading Silhouettes (An Indie Electronica Mix)

Mr. Suicide Sheep has just released a new mix featuring some very excellent songs by a bevy of electronica artists and you could not ask for a better listen after a Sunday filled with a Walking Dead finale and Wrestlemania. A really great listen through and through with every track a real gem.


0:00:00 Water Park – Dreaming
0:01:30 LostBoyCrow – Love Wont Sleep
0:04:40 Porsches – High
0:06:40 Oh Wonder- White Blood
0:08:50 MAJIK – Save Me
0:11:14 Olivver The Kid – Bbblue
0:14:47 Litany – Work This Out
0:16:57 Dahlia Sleeps – Breathe
0:19:00 Hugh – Direction
0:22:40 Missio – Can I Exist
0:25:50 Harrison Brome – Pools
0:27:56 Ghostly Kisses – Such Words
0:30:45 LEØ – The Wolf
0:34:00 Cape Cub – Keep Me In Mind
0:36:42 MDWS – Circles
0:38:40 ATTLAS – Parallel Lines
0:41:20 Haux – Caves
0:44:35 Mazde – Battas (feat. LissA)
0:47:45 OTHER EARTH – Over
0:51:20 Tep No -Safe Dream (feat. Heather Janssen)
0:54:25 Illenium – With You (feat. Quinn XCII)
0:57:20 För Alltid – High (feat. Sarah de Warren)

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