Issue by Issue – Skull the Slayer #2

Skull the Slayer 2Writer – Marv Wolfman
Artist – Steve Gan
Colours – Michelle Wolfman
Letters – San Jose

Having been captured by some cavemen, Jim Scully awakens to find himself in the company of the other passengers that crashed with the plane. Corey is not too pleased about the situation as he thinks Scully is a killer while the normally silent Jeff finally speaks up to stop everyone from fighting amongst themselves. Ann just wants to get out of there and so ‘Skull’ takes it into his hands to solve their problems and does so by proving his physical superiority over the brutish creatures who took them captive. Marv Wolfman’s tale of a man lost in a strange land continues to provide an exciting time for the reader as the book is filled with all sorts of fantastical creatures and a ton of action. Not only does Scully take on the cavemen, but he finds himself wrestling with various dinosaurs and stealing an unassuming belt from a dead alien. So not only is this time-lost era filled with dinosaurs and whatnot, but aliens as well and it opens up an even wider range of possibilities for stories to be told. As it is, Wolfman and artist Steve Gan put Scully through his paces and while his physical attributes are on full display, the man still finds himself haunted by his past and continues to try and push it to the back of his mind as he deals with the now. The supporting cast is an interesting one as each member is completely different from the other with the only thing holding them together the need for survival. Separately they stand no chance of making it, but together, especially with Scully by their side, they might be able to get through it all and maybe return to their own time, though it seems like a far off possibility at the moment. The book ends on not so much a cliff-hanger as it does a question – just what can that alien belt do and what does it mean for Scully who currently wears it around his waist?

3.5 out of 5

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