Big Brother Canada Season 4 Ep.13 and 14 – Who Will Be Back?

bbcan13-14Wow, this week has been one big whirlwind, from two girls being evicted but not really, to Tim becoming HoH and nominating according to Australian rules, to the anticipation of the return of one of the girls. I didn’t watch any of the secret suite live feeds, but as I watched the last two episodes, I really wished I had. It seems like Loveita and Kelsey really bonded over the past several days, and I wish I’d been able to see more than the brief glimpses we’ve gotten this week.

We’ll get to them in a second though as the house is in a bit of an uproar over Tim’s nominations. He thinks he’ll be safe next week since he basically just did what everyone else wanted, though he admits that he wants Dallas out too. Maddy has jumped from Nick’s bed to Ramsey’s, so she’s upset with Tim for putting up her man. And Ramsey’s just crying all over the place, hurt that people voted him onto the block.

Dallas isn’t making things easy on himself. He makes comments to Tim, egging him on, but Tim doesn’t rise to the bait. Tim isn’t afraid of Dallas. He’s also onto Cassandra, who thinks she’s got him wrapped around her little finger. She really wants Maddy gone, so she tries to casually throw the other girl’s name into the mix as a replacement, but he knows what she’s doing. He won the game, Cass. He’s a lot smarter than he lets everyone think he is.

Joining Tim and the nominees in the Veto competition is Jared, Mitch and Cassandra in a game called End of the Rainbow. The players, all dressed in rainbow-coloured lycra, have to roll a ball up over their rainbow and catch it on the other side….300 times in a row. If they drop the ball, they go back to zero. I can’t even imagine how long this competition was, but it had to be hell. Just about everyone had a moment in the lead – except for Cassandra, who, as usual, is a terrible competitor, but eventually, everyone drops the ball, except for Ramsey who comes out on top, but not before Dallas throws a little tantrum over his failure in the game. This dude is a ticking time bomb.

So Ramsey wins the competition and takes himself off the block. Maddy knows that she’s the likely person to go up in his place, so her plan is to cozy up to Tim. She even asks if she can sleep in the HoH bed, since she didn’t get the chance to when she was HoH. This girl drives me nuts. She’s trying to be all sexy, but she’s ridiculously transparent. Everyone can see through her game, including Nikki, who is just disgusted by Maddy’s moves. She and Cassandra agree that she’s poison and that they’ve got to get rid of her, which works well for Dallas, who knows that his best chance of staying in the house is for Maddy to go up beside him.

After a little bit of deliberation, even considering putting himself up on the block, which I didn’t think was possible, he nominates Maddy, which makes me extremely happy. It makes the evicted girls happy too, because Maddy has been hiding behind the guys throughout the whole game, which is definitely true. I believe that Maddy doesn’t generally get along with other women and probably feels threatened by them, which is why she’d gone after Loveita the way she did. With guys, she can flirt and play the weak girl card to get what she wants, but she knows that other women won’t fall for it. I think Cassandra is the same way, and that’s why they’re both so catty.

Now we really see the divide between Dallas and Maddy, and it becomes apparent that Dallas really does have a shot at staying in the house. Cassandra wants Maddy gone, so she campaigns to get rid of her. Phil seems to be into what she’s saying, but Jared immediately shuts her down, pointing out that Dallas is a bigger threat. He can win competitions, whereas Maddy can’t. Except…she did win a competition, and she used that win to stab her friend in the back. As Cass says, Maddy is a loaded gun and doesn’t know where to point. Anyone could end up getting shot. It is best for Jared and Raul’s game to get rid of Dallas, but I think that Maddy would be the better target for everyone else.

Even Ramsey doesn’t know who to support. He’s friends with both nominees, and though he really likes Maddy (God knows why – I find her totally vile), he’s not sure that sticking with her would be good for his game. He doesn’t completely trust her after what she did to Loveita, plus he’s afraid that people will view him as a threat because of their closeness. It’s a valid concern. A showmance is always a big threat, and people already don’t like her. Being connected to her could definitely ruin his game.

Loveita and Kelsey have had the week to watch the house guests, and now they get to directly impact their time in the house. Past winner Emmett takes them into the BBCan Grand armed with 100 black and white chips. The point is for the girls to hide the chips (Kelsey hides white and Loveita hides black) in the house so that the house guests can’t find them. The house guests are divided into teams, and the team that finds the most of their coloured chips will win a VIP cocktail party with Emmett while the losers will have to clean up the house. And there’s a LOT to clean up. The kitchen is especially disgusting, with spices and cereal and everything else scattered all around. I would not have wanted to be on the losing team.

So as promised, Tim lets Maddy spend a night in the HoH room, and she confesses to them that she likes Ramsey. Honestly, it reminds me of two older, popular people egging on the younger, inexperienced kid when they urge her to sleep with Ramsey that night. And she seems totally game, but Ramsey isn’t having any of it. He says he doesn’t want to boink her on camera with their families watching. And that’s definitely true. But he’s also afraid that she’ll kiss and tell, and then he’ll have that showmance target on his back. I don’t blame him. He’s got to tread carefully, or she’ll drag him way down with her. He does promise her that on day 60, they can do whatever they want together. Shudder. She’s so repulsive.

In some last minute campaigning, it looks like Team Dallas is getting some traction. Cassandra points out that if they keep Dallas, the two sides of the feud will stay focused on each other, and the rest of them will be able to coast awhile longer. And it’s also pointed out that if they get rid of a big target like Dallas, who will be left to go after? All the middle men perhaps? Cassandra’s only worry is that if they side with Dallas, Team Jared will go after them, and Jared confirms it for her. He tells her that if the brothers vote against him, they’ll be dead to him and basically threatens her with the same fate.

In the end though, Cassandra can’t vote Dallas out, as Maddy specifically names Cassandra as her target if she stays in the game. Dallas names Jared and Raul as his targets too, so they can’t afford to let him stay. It’s a close vote – and I’m extremely surprised to see Nikki vote Dallas out after all she’s said about Maddy – but Maddy wins this round. Dallas is out! A few days ago, I wanted nothing more than for Dallas to be booted from the house, but after tonight’s episode, I wish he’d lasted another week, just because I find Maddy so slimy. At least Dallas is up front. You never know where Maddy is going to strike and seeing Dallas tear up while watching his goodbye messages made me feel bad for him. He really isn’t a jackass all the time, if only he could’ve shown a bit more of that softer side when he was in the house.

But now we get to the evicted girls. They’ve spent all week bonding and plotting strategies together, and now one of them is going to go back into the house. The house guests are floored, and shockingly, Cassandra and Maddy form a pact to get rid of Loveita if she’s the one to come back into the house. This is pretty much immediately after Maddy told everyone that Cassandra is her target this week. The whole conversation is ludicrous, and Tim and Phil think so too, joking about it and basically calling the girls ridiculous right to their faces. And they are ridiculous. Two seconds ago, they were bitter enemies, and now they’re working together? They give women everywhere a bad name. I swear we’re not all like this, guys!

I think it’s a stupid move on the part of the show runners, but who gets back into the house will be decided by the house guests themselves. I was really hoping the public would be able to decide, or that there would at least be a competition or something. Instead, the house guests have to deliberate on who will come back into the house, and the decision will have to be unanimous. I have no idea how they’re going to decide. I’m guessing Team Jared will want Kelsey back in, while Joel and Ramsey will want Loveita. The others, I have no idea, though before we leave the house guests, we see Maddy pointing out that Loveita would be easier to get rid of, so they should bring her back. Jared disagrees with her, saying they had to back door her to get her out last time. Um, not exactly, Jared. You could’ve voted her out week two, but you guys all decided to get rid of Sharry instead. Not her fault. Yours.

Who do you think will make it back in? And do you think it was the right move to get rid of Dallas? Personally, think they’re slowly handing Jared the whole game. They took out his biggest competition, the only person who was openly against him, and now there’s a possibility that Kelsey could come back. If she makes it back, they might as well all just give up, because, as she stated tonight, she’s got an unbreakable bond with Raul and Jared, so they’ll be three strong again. Loveita is the much less dangerous prospect for just about everyone except for Jared and Raul. I just hope they’ll be able to see that. My hope is that Loveita will get back in and school them all. I ultimately want Joel to win, but Loveita is the only woman besides Nikki that I don’t hate, so I want her go far. I hope it’ll happen.

But tell me what you think! Has this week been everything you’d hoped it would be? Are you happy with the results? Are you as frustrated as I am that we won’t find out until Sunday who makes it back in the game? Hit me up on the comments and let me know!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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