Mindbending – Never Say Never

James IhaOf late, Billy Corgan has taken the Smashing Pumpkins back out on the road for their In Plainsong tour. Each night he likes to feature a suite of songs from a particular album and on the 26th in Los Angeles he would choose to do a selection from Siamese Dream with special guest James Iha. Former Pumpkin and founding member who has refused to play with the band for 15+ years-James Iha. Playing Mayonnaise among others, it truly was a bit of magic.  With Jimmy Chamberlain currently on drums, it only remains to be seen if D’arcy Wretzky will one day return as well, completing the classic lineup. For now, it looks as if miracles do happen, if only momentarily and though it is doubtful anything more will ever come of this we can still hope this leads to bigger and better things.



Mayonnaise with James Iha

Soma with James Iha


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