Big Brother Canada Season 4 Ep.10 – Time For Kelsey To Go

bbcan10It always blows my mind when people don’t realize when they’re mean or cruel. When they do nothing but make fun of other people or complain about other people, and then act all affronted when those other people fight back. That’s what’s happening in the house right now. Kelsey and, to a slightly lesser extent, Raul have treated many of the other house guests poorly over the past few weeks, and now they’re paying the price for their behaviour. Any time that they’re on screen, it’s clear that they think they’re hot stuff, and they honestly can’t seem to understand why the rest of the house guests don’t see that. Both of them are shocked by Joel’s nominations, and neither can understand why they were targeted.

And worse, they absolutely refuse to believe Joel when he tells them that it was his decision to nominate them. They’re convinced—partially thanks to Mitch—that Loveita got into his head and somehow forced him to do what he did. More than once, when they specifically ask him why he nominated them, they outright don’t believe him when he tells them the truth. So they’re going on and on about how they’ve had his back the whole time, but they clearly don’t think he’s intelligent enough to make his own decision. Do they think Loveita cuts his crusts off too?

I think they all go a little too far with their outbursts. Joel is talking to Dallas and Loveita when once again; Raul barges in and demands to talk to Joel. And when Joel stands his ground about his decision, Raul threatens to come after him, and even goes so far as to tell him that the Big Three were the only ones who have had his back the whole time. Um.… In what universe, Raul? It’s not like anyone else was targeting him. And most of the people in the house like Joel. Somehow, the empty threat makes him seem like an even worse person.

And after Mitch gets into Jared’s head, Jared goes straight to Loveita and calls her a bunch of names, telling her she’s a terrible person and that she’s disgusting for brainwashing Joel. I usually like Jared, but this was not a good look for him. I actually feel bad for Loveita in this moment. She does not deserve such treatment. It seems to me like Kelsey has rubbed off on him a little too much.

Speaking of Mitch, I think I like him even more now. He basically wants to Single White Female Kelsey and get rid of her so that he can take her spot in the Big Three, and I think that’s kind of hilarious. I’m not sure it’s a great idea, because getting into bed with Jared and Raul will probably make him a target too, unless they can get rid of Dallas first. But I’m totally on board with getting rid of Kelsey. Let’s send her packing!

The Power of Veto competition is named Ace in the Hole, and the HoH and nominees, joined this week by Jared, Dallas and Ramsey, have to jump on a saddle on little railroad car and pull themselves from the saloon into the desert, where they then have to find cards, one at a time, inside little bags. Then they need to ride back to the saloon and place the cards in their hand. They have a set amount of time to go back and forth to get the best poker hand they can find. Hidden among the cards are wild cards which have punishments attached to them, and reward cards, which, if used, will have no value in the player’s hand. The player with the best hand wins.

Jared brags that he’s spent his whole life on a horse, so this game is made for him, and of course, he’s the first one to knock his little car over as he pulls himself along the track. After his comments to Loveita, I think this is pretty funny. They spend a lot of time going back and forth, most of them not doing great with their hands, until Jared pulls up a wild card. Unfortunately for him, if he uses it, he won’t be able to participate in the next HoH competition, so he doesn’t use it. Raul gets one too and uses it, and will have to lasso a bull 1000 times in one day. Dallas also uses his wild card, which earns him a full day in a cactus costume.

They all lock in, one by one, until Kelsey is the only one left. Her time is almost up, and her hand sucks, so she plays her reward card of $1000. It’s close, but in the end, Dallas edges out Raul for the win. The thing that really hurts Jared is the fact that, if he’d used his wild card, he’d have won the competition himself. It’s good to know that he still is playing somewhat for himself, choosing to hopefully stay around for another week instead of saving his girlfriend.

Dallas is ecstatic to have won his second PoV in a row and wants to make a big move this time to back door Jared. Except that it wouldn’t be up to him who would go up in the nominee’s place if he takes one of them down. He never seems to get that. He’s convinced that Jared is the ringleader of the alliance, and that he’s the biggest social threat. Maybe I’m missing something by not watching the feeds or After Dark, but I’m pretty sure he’s completely wrong. To me, it seems obvious that Kelsey is the dangerous one in the alliance, and thankfully, most of the other house guests feel the same way. They’re not sure what Dallas is going to do though, since he’s a loose cannon, but it gives Mitch an idea. He wants to save Raul because he wants to work with him, so after Tim expresses an interest in becoming a pawn, Mitch, Loveita and Joel agree that if Dallas uses the veto on Raul, they’ll put up Tim instead to ensure Kelsey goes home.

And she’s not doing herself any favours either. She outright asks Dallas if he’s going to use the Veto, and at the veto ceremony, she spouts off about playing a game based on kindness and personal connections. Yeah, I’m pretty sure everyone in the house rolled their eyes just as I did. I’m also sure she’s just sealed her fate, even going into eviction night against her best friend, since Dallas decides not to use the veto. I like to believe that the whole house would rather see Kelsey go than Raul, especially since she’s the true centre of that alliance, and because by getting rid of her, they’ll be breaking up the showmance. You never know with these guys though. They’ve both had two days now, since the ceremony, to blow up their games. I just hope that Kelsey has blown hers up more.

Also, I don’t know if you noticed, but at one point, Jared and Kelsey are sitting together in the kitchen, talking about how they’re going to miss each other, and they’re both sitting on the counter, cross-legged, facing each other, with their shoes on. What kind of Canadians are these two, with their shoes on in the house, even, let alone on the counter! Now that’s disgusting. These two should be ashamed of themselves.

My guess is that Kelsey is going to go home tomorrow night, but who knows. We’ve also got the next wild card, and one of the commercials I watched the other night said this week would be a fake double eviction. It had better be the second one that’s fake. If they vote Kelsey out, and she gets to stay, I’m going to be mad.

Well, that’s it for tonight! See you tomorrow night for the 90-minute episode!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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  1. Hahaha Kelsey for eviction… cuz: shoes on counter 😉 You nail her personality. Good analysis. For me, she’s exactly like the way Jared talks of Loveita. I think (susubconsciously?) he’s mad at himself for aligning with Kelsey, seduced by her beauty, when he should have taken opportunity to side with Loveita during her recent HoH. From After Dark, he tries to rein in his alliance, but they’re too vindictive. I had to DVR tonight’s but excited to see 90 minute special. They teased fake evictions so if 2 from Jared alliance go will they both come back, or just 1? Or will they make nominations? Should be fun. Thanks for another great review!

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