Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Anywhere But Here

There is nothing quite like discovering an artist for the first time and hearing a piece of music that will expand your world a little further and there is a good chance that this playlist will do so.  As it is, take a listen and to some really good artists with some pretty good songs and enjoy.


0:00 Riley Pearce – “We Are Fools”
3:55 Charles William – “Where You Wanna Be”
8:00 FUR – “One and Twenty”
10:57 Connor Leimer – “Sunset”
14:31 Lowrie – “Yugen”
17:28 Jesse Ruben – “If I Only Had a Heart”
19:33 Jackal and the Wind – “Boat That’s Capsized”
22:40 luhx. – “poison.”
26:30 Anthem Academy – “Good Life”
29:33 Winters End – “Mayfair”
33:32 Wolf Creek Boys – “Trials Tribulations”
37:09 FIELDS – “In the Morning”
42:29 Wylder – “Swells”

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