Sunday Sessions: Bleachers

BleachersPressPhotoBleachers is essentially though not solely, Jack Antonoff – member of Steel Train and Fun, and it happens to be his best project to date. Though Bleachers has not released an album since Strange Desire in 2014, a new album is currently being worked on according to interviews from a few months back and to say that it is highly anticipated is putting it lightly. Ever since the first single, I Wanna Get Better was released, their fame has only increased as has their fan-base and seeing them live is something else altogether, almost like watching a young Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in their prime. Not only did Bleachers release a truly fantastic album where every cut is worth listening to, but they decided to re-release it under the moniker Terrible Thrills, Vol. 2 – a cover album by female artists. It would not be the new album which everyone was hoping for, but it was a good and one that was truly a lot of fun. With no tour dates on the horizon as of yet, hopefully Antonoff and the band will have some news on the new music front this year, yet in the meantime, you can never get tired of listening to Strange Desire, a modern classic in every way.

I Wanna Get Better


Strange Desire Album

Rollercoaster (Live on the Honda Stage)

Like a River Runs (Live on the Honda Stage)

I Wanna Get Better (Live on the Honda Stage)

You’re Still a Mystery (Live on the Honda Stage)

Live Acoustic Performance w/Q&A 07/14/14

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