Saturday Soundtracks – Transformers: The Movie

When it comes to classic animation, which this film now qualifies as, and their soundtrack, Transformers from 1986 is one of the best. The movie features an expansion on the classic battle between the evil of the Decepticons and the peace-loving Autobots from the small-screen to feature-film status and at the time, it was a long time coming. It also featured the death of Optimus Prime, a moment that still makes many a full grown man cry, little boys when it was first released. A heroic quest ensues, Hot Rod rises, Unicron falls and every piece of music that is featured, whether instrumental or vocal like the most popular cut by Stan Bush called The Touch, conveys the emotions needed during each and every scene and is just one of the reasons why the movie works so well. Definitely an underrated masterpiece if there ever were one.


1. Stan Bush – The Touch [0:00]
2. N.R.G. – Instruments Of Destruction [3:56]
3. Vince DiCola – Death Of Optimus Prime [7:15]
4. Stan Bush – Dare [10:12]
5. Spectre General – Nothin’s Gonna Stand In Our Way [14:14]
6. Lion – The Transformers Theme [17:52]
7. Vince DiCola – Escape [21:27]
8. Spectre General – Hunger [26:15]
9. Vince DiCola – Autobot / Decepticon Battle [30:00]
10. “Weird Al” Yankovic – Dare To Be Stupid [34:18]
11. Vince DiCola – Unicron Medley [Bonus track] [37:48]
12. Vince DiCola – Moon Base 2 – Shuttle Launch [Bonus track] [43:14]
13. Vince DiCola – Megatron Must Be Stopped (Parts 1 & 2) [Bonus track] [45:45]
14. Vince DiCola – The Transformers Theme (Alternate Version) [Bonus track] [52:03]

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