Mind Capsules – Swamp Thing #3 and All-New Inhumans #4

Swamp Thing #3
Swamp Thing #3

Writer – Len Wein
Artist – Kelley Jones
Colours – Michelle Madsen
Letters – Rob Leigh

The third issue of the latest Swamp Thing miniseries brings back Matthew Cable which was quite a surprise on Len Wein’s part, something that was completely unexpected and instead of going into his convoluted history very much, we just have to accept that Matt is back and looking to do his good buddy a favour. In telling his story to Swamp Thing, Cable reflects on his return to life so to speak, and how he needed to do something worthwhile with his time and as such, decided to set out to find a cure for his friend Alec even though the odds were next to impossible. So through trial and travail, Cable goes where few dare and comes out with what he thinks might be the answer. Wein spins a fun story that reunites the two characters once again. Kelly Jones continues to provide some haunting artwork that at times, is a little grotesque whether it means to or not. Though the artwork paints it as a pretty dark book, the story is not so much as Wein fills it with little bits of humour here and there. Speaking of that humour, a little of it falls flat which is not the worst thing that this book sports, that would be a bit of the dialogue which at times seems extremely dated and simply unlike the Swamp Thing everyone knows and loves from the last few years. It does not ruin the story, but it does feel out of place and should have been tightened up before it went to print. Aside from Matt Cable, Wein also brings in Zatanna which is nice to see as she always adds a little extra flair to whatever book it is that she happens to be in. In this particular tale, Zatanna is enlisted to work her magic using the object that Cable appropriated and if possible, make Swamp Thing a human being again. It is a tall order and the ending of the book is a bit of a shocker. Now that the series is halfway finished, you have to wonder just where Wein is going to take it next.

3.5 out of 5

All-New Inhumans #4
All-New Inhumans #4

Writer – James Asmus, Charles Soule
Artist – Stefano Caselli
Colours – Andres Mossa
Leters – VC’s Clayton Cowles

The conclusion to the first arc in All-New Inhumans takes place here with their adventures in Sin-Cong coming to an end. It may not be the end that everyone wanted or imagined, but an ending it is and Crystal for one is glad to call it a day. The book is packed full of action as the team faces danger on two fronts. The Living Dream, the only Nuhuman to be discovered alive in Sin-Cong and one of the most interesting so far, is attacking the crew through their dreams and through Swain – the least interesting Nuhuman to debut as of this series. Down within the city proper, Crystal and her team are being held captive by the Commissar who wants nothing more than to start executing them for committing an act of war. Crystal has a plan though and it takes all of her team, including Gorgon to do their part if they are to succeed. Speaking of Gorgon, Asmus and Soule give him a truly standout moment, one that finally sees him confront the rage, anger and pain that has been bottled up inside of him ever since his tragic accident. Illustrating it all in the finest of forms is Stefano Caselli, probably the most underrated artist to grace the halls of Marvel at the moment. Most of the Nuhumans take the bench in this issue except for Swain who figures prominently into the plot involving the Living Dream, but it is to Crystal and Gorgon that this book belongs and you can see why the members of the Royal Family are not to be trifled with. Despite gaining more than one win, the book does not really end on a happy note, for any of the Inhumans and it is not something that happens too often in a Marvel title these days. A downer, but refreshing.

3.5 out of 5

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